Pope Francis: Gay marriage will ‘destroy the family,’ ‘disfigure God’s plan’

Just 24 hours after Pope Francis called for restriction of free speech in regards to religious criticism, the once heralded leader of the Catholic Church is attacking same-sex marriage. Speaking in front of a large crowd in the Philippines, Francis appeared to revert back to the same rhetoric used by the church in the past.  Francis arrived in the Philippines on Friday for a five day trip and spoke to thousands in the heart of Manila, the country’s capital city. While speaking on the issue of same sex marriage on Jan. 16, Francis went into attack mode. “The family is threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage,” Francis told the crowd. “These realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces, which threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation.”

Thousands in Manilla?  More like MILLIONS — close to seven million of them.  It was the greatest mass assembly in the history of the world, but don’t let the secular press miss a prime opportunity to make fools of themselves.

#1 – Sure enough, when the dust settles on Francis, the Press and the Glitarari are going to pull out the long knives as their poster boy ends up not being what they thought he was.  And the whole Francis cult they’ve created for themselves turns out to be a rather bad dream.  Unfortunately for our Holy Father, it’s gonna mean going from being everyone’s flavour of the day to be rather reviled for defending Catholic tradition.  In this way, he’s going to go the route of Pope Paul VI — a “progressive” Pope who held the line on the Church’s teaching on sterile sex.

#2 – This comment by a “progressive” Pope has reminded us just how grave a threat gay “marriage” is to the Family. When you hear such words, you look back on your life and ask yourself:  “Just what the hell did I do to rise to meet this threat?”

As every day goes by, and I look back on some of the crazy stuff that I’ve done in my life, including “letting it rip” in Public and in the Press in defense of the unborn, family and marriage, I am sure damn grateful I never pulled any punches.  I’m so very grateful to God for making me blind to human respect in those instances.  I have no regrets for standing up for Jesus and His Church in what it teaches on human sexuality…come hell or high water.  I’m not perfect by any stretch — just ask my family, but dammit, I’ve got one area of my life where I can say, “Dammit, Johnny boy, you’ve got the nuts the size of Kansas.”  And as I am getting older, I got less concern for human respect, so it’s all just “down hill” from here, too. Too many people end up in hell because of self respect. Dear God save me from that fate in this and any area of my life. Let me go down swinging or strike me down now.


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