Pope Francis: Gay Marriage is “anthropological regression”

“We know that in times of momentous change the homosexual phenomenon grew, but in this period it is the first time that the legal problem of assimilating it to marriage has arisen, and this I consider an anti-value and an anthropological regression,” says the Pope. “I say this because it transcends the religious issue, it is anthropological.” “If there is a union of a private nature, there is neither a third party nor is society affected,” he writes. “Now, if the union is given the category of marriage and they are given adoption rights, there could be children affected.” “Every person needs a male father and a female mother that can help them shape their identity,” says Pope Francis. (Source)

I would not agree with the statement that “if the union is a private nature, society is not affected”, as the Pope states.  Sin affects society.  But he is absolutely right when he says that children do indeed need a mother and a father…because neither mother or father is an arbitrary relationship to a child.  It has meaning and it is necessary.

3 thoughts on “Pope Francis: Gay Marriage is “anthropological regression”

  1. Is Pope Francis giving the green light to civil homosexual unions by his statement that “If there is a union of a private nature, there is neither a third party nor is society affected.” You’re right John that sin affects society, and more importantly, affects the immortal soul. More confusion and ambiguity from the Holy See. Confusion and ambiguity don’t come from God. Makes one wonder what heresies will spring from the Synod on the family

  2. For a pope to , in any way, try to slough off a homosexual union as in any way harmless to ANY concerned, and that even suggest it is a so called “private” matter that does not affect others is just horrendous, and not only not Christian, it is no way Catholic.

    But there you have it, all who have willingly wanted to ignore so much of what he has been saying inside the lines and outside. Get ready for the next step, the dissolution of Catholic marriage as we know it. After all Pope Francis considers Cardinal Kasper
    his deep “kneeling” theologian, and also has kind words to say about the recent scandalous Italian Bishop whose name I do not want to mention because he is also so offensive regarding what he says about Pro-Life people praying Rosaries outside of abortion mills and so on, and is also, unfortunately perhaps an omen of what is to come this Fall at the Synod where all hell will break loose of the Catholic Faith as we now know it, if these modernists have their way.
    Why do people willfully ignore what God has been trying to tell them ? Do you think they are somehow” better” people are more faithful when they remain silent and commit papal idolatry over Christ, even when the same Pope they make lame excuses for blaming the media always when a lot of contrary things he says and does CLEARLY are not media spin, maybe blog spin but ,cannot always be blamed on the media ?
    I have to ask myself and wonder… would these same people be so willfully blind and silent let alone condemn others who speak bluntly about error and the very serious confusing and heretical statements made by those in the Hierarchy? If anyone else spoke things like for instance, that there is no real change from the Old Covenant for the Jewish folk to be concerned about, and who also encourages all religions, Islam, as well to continue to worship their own gods, and that it is all good, and or that the poor and homeless and those out of work are what we should be most focused on, as priorities not abortion or contraception of homosexaul marriage for instance?
    People still choose to be middle of the road or follow the mainstream Catholic middle rather than defend Christ and His Church and Teachings.
    Some people are correct when they say Rome needs to come back to Christ according to Pius X’s Oath against modernism.
    We see more and more so called Catholics making the choice to follow leaders who do not do as Jesus asks commands as well as HIs Mother. The same E.W.T.N that spews out middle of the road Catholic stuff for desperate Catholics who are so desperate to have any station that honors Catholicism (it used to be different Mother Anjelica might be crying if she could say anything) lies to its followers when it has Priests and others who say the Consecration oif Our Blessed MOther Mary’s Immaculate Heart to Russia is not important or worse yet, that it already took place or worse yet
    distorts and out right lies about what happened at Fatima and later , and since then and is so pro Vatican 11 “new theology. The old party line as they say, and Jesus weeps with His Mother.
    Oh well there are always more conferences and photo ops with Bishops, if they include you as one of their own (no thanks…at least until they do what Jesus asks and expects of them,regarding doing something about the Winnipeg statement as well as their humdrum approach to grave public scandal by a politician(so deafening silence and no action about the horrendous abuses in so called Catholic education and so on and so on. Let us not forget ., that lhey have left ol St. JOe’s with its sacrilegious abuses galore to carry on, and have done.nothing about. the grave blasphemies against Jesus and Mary in said parish. and that is just one example where nothing has taken place to stiop these outrageous abuses. No worry,just remember to smile be nice, and you might be one of the chosen few , who can even have your picture snapped alongside them, and fill the Church with applause. Who cares that they do not not discipline and tell outright chosen dissidents like Trudeau he has committed great scandal, by his repeated and passionate if not ever increasing determined and rebellion against what Jesus says is grave mortal sin, and until he makes a private as well as PUBLIC(since the sine was of a public nature his confession must also be of a public nature) according to tradition and the Proper Catechism, and also that his confession be one that involves true contrition which involves great sorrow for his sin, hatred for his sin, and a resolve to not commit such sin again, he cannot be considered in good standing with the Catholic Church and thus should according to the old Baltimore Catechism be receiving Holy Communion.
    Lord Have Mercy
    Sorry Blessed Mother…they just don’t care
    how much He sweated blood and is doing so now, or your tears. After all its all about Joy
    and being happy. Remember don’t worry and whatever you do do not mention the sin being committed by those in Authority and their responsibilities before God to lead the sheep as God as asked them to and as you scream and cry sharing in the agony of the state of Jesus One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church bec comforted when any of these spiritually walking dead persecute you for speaking Truth, they did it to HIm, and they hate being reminded of it.
    It is called deniall.
    I for one will not go down without a fight.
    Enough of this nonsense did he mean this did he mean that ? Who else speaks to create doubt and confusion certainly NOT Jesus.
    He says say what you mean, and mean what you say, and also , to let your yes be yes, and your no be no, and that anything else is from the evil one. There should be clarity with the Vicar of Christ. It is not undeliberate this stuff, that has caused such mass scandal, confusion, and doubt and apostasy. Wake up you sleeping heads. Denial will only make it worse.

  3. Sin affects society. But a lie hailed as truth is a cancer to society (economic, political, cultural). But an immoral lie (that’s not a human person, we can kill that, that’s my truth, any sx is good sx) RAVAGES a society.

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