Pope Francis appoints well-known liberal bishop to major see of Brussels

Are we back doing this again?!?

As late as in 2014, says the French-speaking Belgian daily Le Vif, he was criticized for his lack of firmness and his tardy response with regard to priests who had been implied in sex abuse and reinstated. He also remained silent in June last year when the deacon of Wevelgem was accused of having euthanized a small dozen of patients at the Menin hospital. (Source)


In October last year he tried to assign to active parish duty a priest who had been convicted of molesting a teenage boy, declaring that he (the priest) deserved “a second chance”; only media outrage and the priest’s own request prompted the bishop to cancel the appointment. (Source)

and plenty of other problems:

  – Ordination of women is “negotiable”  (Source), although two years later he allegedly said that the Church is unable to ordain women (Source)

  – Support for unrepentant LGBTs who participate in pride parade (Source)

  – Celibacy should not be required for priests (Source)

One thought on “Pope Francis appoints well-known liberal bishop to major see of Brussels

  1. More confusion from this pope. Actually for me there is no more confusion – the evidence is overwhelming as far as I’m concerned. This pope is not a faithful successor of the Chair of Peter. I will continue to pray for his conversion. Lord do not let him lead anyone astray.

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