2 thoughts on “Pope Faces First Crisis as Archbishop Resists Pressure to Quit

  1. The Church MUST make an example of this clown.

    That said, did you see the idiotic survey that Newsmax was running about Pope Francis? First of all it invites non catholics to vote on it. Then goes on to ask whether the pope should change the church teaching on contrecption and womens ordination…

    Once again an appalling ignorance of the church. When will people learn that the office of the Pope does not have the authority to change those teachings? Frankly neither can the magisterium. they are unalterable.


  2. I just sent this as a letter to the editor at Newsmax. We need to clear up this kind of ignorance. Peaople nee to know that our magisterium are not a bunch of old decrepit bigots sexists and homophobes, but rather that they answer to the authority of Jesus Christ Himself, and changing chirch teachings is simply not within their purview.:

    “While reading your article about Pope Francis’ impending showdown with the soon to be former Archbishop of San Juan, I clicked on the link you provided for the survey on Whether Pope Francis should change the Church. First of all inviting non-Catholics with no skin in the game to vote will only skew results, and second the survey asked whether the church should change its teachings on contraception and womens’ ordination.

    Any catholic with a modicum of knowledge about their faith will tell you that neither Pope nor the magisterium has the authority to alter those teachings in any way.
    If it happened that a Cardinal whose views were more liberal than say, those of Bill Maher happened to be elected to the Chair of Peter,, as much as he might like to change these teachings, he cannot, simply because he does not have the authority.
    The Catholic Church is not a democracy. It was established by Jesus Christ Himself, and placed in the hands of Peter, and the apostles, who have handed the church and the faith it represents down to our present generation through apostolic succession.
    The Church has been with us for over 2000 years now, and is the longest unbroken line of succession in world history. It has survived many persecutions, and seen empires rise, and fall. Yet the Catholic Church is still here, and it is precisely because its teaching has remained consistent and unchanging. The Church does not get with the times because she stands outside of time, and because the funny thing about the truth is.”

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