Pope Benny Cleaning House

…In a speech that was short on the usual diplomatic expressions of camaraderie and harmony, the pope hinted at tensions in the relationship between the bishops of Scotland and the Holy See. Speaking of the link between the world’s dioceses and the See of Peter as the “reality that lies at the heart of every Catholic diocese,” the pope said that “pastoral initiatives that take due account of this essential dimension bring authentic renewal.”

“When the bonds of communion with the universal Church, and in particular with Rome, are accepted joyfully and lived fully, the people’s faith can grow freely and yield a harvest of good works,” Benedict added.

The pope illustrated his theme by reminding the bishops of the life of Saint John Ogilvie, the 16th century Scottish convert and martyr who was arrested in 1614 and hanged and disembowelled after torture for his refusal to give up the Catholic faith and revert to Protestantism. In 1560 it had become illegal and a capital offence to preach, proselytise for, or otherwise endorse Catholicism.

Catholic commentators have not missed the note of correction in Pope Benedict’s remarks to the bishops of Britain. John Smeaton, head of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said the pope’s “strong words” were welcome by many laity who have long seen themselves as alone in the fight against the rising tide of anti-religious legislation in Britain.

“The Pope’s warnings and directions about dissent from Church teaching on life and family issues will be greatly appreciated by countless ordinary Catholic and non-Catholic citizens in Britain,” Smeaton said.

“They are distressed by the undermining of Catholic pro-life and pro-family witness by influential clergy, laity, bodies and publications at home and abroad.”

Many Catholic laity have complained of the laxity of the Church leadership on sexual issues as well as abortion, contraception and euthanasia. As the pope was delivering his address in Rome, in Scotland the notorious dissenting theologian, Professor Thomas Groome of Boston College, a laicised priest, is scheduled to deliver a lecture at St. Aloysius’s College in Glasgow, supported by the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the Scottish Catholic Education Service.

Groome is a “guru” of the post-1960s style of “experiential” catechetics and has openly opposed Catholic doctrine on the authority of the pope and magisterium and the limiting of the priesthood to celibate men. Influenced by the Chilean Marxist Paulo Freire, Karl Rahner and Leonardo Boff, he has written that he “suspects” divine revelation, the authority of the papacy and the ministerial priesthood and the sacraments. Groome’s books have been banned in at least one diocese – the Archdiocese of Sydney, which is under Cardinal George Pell. (Source)

Pope Benedict is cleaning house. The comments above regarding the “bonds of communion” is churchspeak for “You guys are a bunch of pseudo schismatics.  Get with the program, boys, because unless you do, you will continue on your path of self-destruction.”

God has provided us with a pastor for the ages.  He has raised up a meek and holy man to put the boots to liberalism.  Thanks be to God!

As for the liberal wing of the church, its days are officially numbered.

Ciao baby.

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