Poor Choicers Hijack Facebook contest

It seems that the Pro-Aborts have hijacked the contest. (No, really. Really hijacked – as in “cheated”. Not the kind of hijacking that the left and the media accuses the right of when it starts to lose.)

Until about June 18 or thereabouts, both groups were growing at a moderate rate with the pro-life side waaaaaaay ahead. Then over the last two-and-a-half days (June 19-21), they were able to increase their count by 1000, about 20% of their votes at the time.

Since then, all heck has broken loose and its open warfare.

But, for the record, we were the ones winning until the cheating started by the poor choicers.

This is a posting I saw on the wall:

cheat the wishlist

1- remove support from your favourite group
2- add support
3- press backspace [[[ faster than clicking back ]]]
4- add support
5- rinse and repeta as desired

** only works on 1000+ supporters

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4 thoughts on “Poor Choicers Hijack Facebook contest

  1. John, Check the numbers this morning. We’re ahead again.

    I was thinking about going to various media with this to get the story out, as well as wrting to CBC and facebook.

    It seems our people have started cheating, so now we have lost the moral high ground, and a chance to expose them for the fraud they are.

    Now both sides look bad.

  2. Ok, I got the screenshots.
    It’s no longer on their main “wall” but if you look into the “Don’t cheat” thread on their discussion board – you’ll find David Morse admitting it was there. And the recipe for cheating is there too.

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