Poor Choicers & Babblers on “Cheating”

From Babble:

I don’t see why voting multiple times is “cheating”. The whole thing is a stupid farce anyhow and has been freeped by a tiny minority of people who want to take away women’s rights.


“P.S. I think instead of “cheating” on the choice question, we should get a team of people together to “cheat” on a parody question and make it the winner. “

And …

“I tried the cheating thing to see if it would work earlier and it did. I think I did something like 10 or 15 votes. Not sure. “



For the record, I have, since the beginning, told my American contacts to back off and not vote.

“I am asking that our American friends in the U.S. not to participate officially since this is a battle on the ground for Canadians only. However, I am asking our American brothers and sisters to keep us in your prayers as we seek to win this battle for a once great nation.” Source

Nobody likes to win like this. It’s as bad as how the pro-aborts shoved abortion down our throats in both Canada and the U.S. – by judicial fiat.

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