Pool Party at the Pacheco’s

A couple of pics from last Canada Day weekend. Nothing like Summer time. 

By the way, for those fathers out there who don’t have a pool in your back yard, you might want to consider getting a vinyl one like the one above.

We graduated from a 12 ft X 30 inch pool which we used three years running to this one which is 18 ft X 4ft.  It barely fits our small backyard, but it does fit!

It cost me $275 + tax at Canadian Tire.  It comes with a pump.  It’s also low maintenance.  Clean out the $10 filter every day or two, keep the tarp on at night, and put in $5 worth of pool bleach once a week.

Little maintenance, peanuts in cost, and loads of fun for your kids for the whole summer. The family forced me to put it up Victoria Day weekend, and they’ve had maximum usage ever since.

Best investment you’ll ever make in terms of  (Laughs + Fun) /$. 

And remember, it’s not the toys that make the fun, it’s having lots of children who love you and one another. That’s what makes the fun.

All of the expensive toys in the world for the only child really sucks when that child realizes that true joy is found in celebrating life with many brothers and sisters.

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