One thought on “Poll: Tories to lose hundreds of seats over gay marriage

  1. I never really liked David Cameron before he was elected, but i thought he would at the least be something of an improvement over the man i thought was the worst PM the UK had had in the last 100 years Gordon brown.
    I was wrong. Cameron turned out to be far worse than Brown. Bad enough he’s brought so-called same sex “marriage” to the UK, and in such a way that the catholic church in the UK may have to get out the marriage business as it were, but while the UK’s economy burns to the ground and Scotland marches toward independence, Cameron starts threatening African countries who won’t get on the gay rights train with cutting off foreign aid. To their credit Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Malawi and tanzania told him where to put his money.
    I will be glad to see this man who has made a mockery of the word “conservative” and brought the party of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill to complete disgrace (and possible oblivion) lose the next general election, and lose it badly. It seems like Nigel Farage’s star is on the rise indeed. Hopefully he can actually win the general. There just MIGHT be enough anger to do it.

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