Poll shows Canadians back restrictions on abortion

…More than one quarter of Canadians, 27%, said that human life should be protected from conception onwards, 21% said there should be protection after three months of pregnancy and 11% after six months. Only 22% agreed with the status quo which is no legal protection until a child is born…(Source)

Tomorrow between 12,000-15,000 people will ascend Parliament Hill to witness to unborn life.  The March for Life is easily the largest annual rally in Canada on any issue.

Year after year it gets larger and larger, and yet the politicans try and squelch even having a debate on the topic.  That status quo has to end, and it will end, sooner or later.

Pro-lifers have to put the heat on their individual MPs to, in turn, put the heat on Harper.  Abortion’s days are numbered.  We just have to start the count down a little sooner.

See you tomorrow on the Hill.

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