Politicians use it but won’t defend it

I would nominate Deb Gyapong for a journalist award in her coverage of our current free speech struggle, but I have such little respect for the great majority of journalists that I believe the award wouldn’t mean too much. Her latest dig was her interview with Keith Martin who has once again up-ed the ante on the CHRC debacle.

“We can’t let the commission go on as it is now,” he said. “The issue is much larger than 13.1,” he said, describing his motion as a mere “springboard” to examine the CHRC. He hopes that a thorough examination of the federal commission will prompt provincial legislatures to look at their own legislation and commissions. “It’s one of those things that operate under the radar screen,” he said. “Most Canadians aren’t aware unless of course they are confronted by the wrath of a human rights commission. (Source)

As for our politicians, here’s my message to them: 

Only a few of you have spoken out in support of free speech and against S.13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act thusfar. We think that’s rather disturbing and pathetic at the same time. We’re not sure why you have not spoken out.

Maybe it’s because you have a certain difficulty in understanding the place of free speech as a priority in a functioning democracy.

Maybe it’s because you are so insulated from our concerns that you would prefer us to eat cake instead.

Maybe you don’t read the papers or the internet to find out what’s going on in the real world.

Maybe you like to debate the merits of freedom in Afghanistan without being too much concerned about the erosion of the same in your own backyard.

Maybe you don’t realize the universal support from all political spectrums of our society against the attack on free speech.

Maybe you’re afraid of the backlash from Islamic fanatics.

Or worst of all, maybe you don’t see a problem at all.

We really don’t care what your excuse is. But we know this: if you don’t show a little bit of courage at this time in our nation’s history and preserve the freedoms of Canada, you will be judged to be nothing more than Canadian Chamberlains – unwilling to speak out when it was necessary and incurring a liability to pass on to future generations.

Now we are sure that you have important State business to attend to, but we are also equally sure that none of it really matters unless you recognize the importance and priority of this issue.

Really.  What is it going to take for you wake up?

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