Politically Correct Religion Getting The Boot

Just when Italians are outraged by a European Court of Human Rights ruling that crucifixes should not be displayed in schools, Bonnechere Valley Township council has decided it’s time for the pendulum to swing the other way and has decided to bring the Lord’s Prayer back into the council chambers.

The decision to recite the prayer again was made last Tuesday night and came about quite innocently. Since the prayer was removed from many local council chambers more than a decade ago, because one individual found it offensive to recite the Christian prayer publicly and caused a county-wide uproar, BV council has instead been reciting a generic prayer prior to the start of meetings.

However, after all these years, council members who choose to recite the prayer still have to read it from a sheet of paper or computer screen, and it excludes members of the gallery because it is written to suit council members’ duties and responsibilities. After the generic prayer was read last week, Mayor Zig Mintha commented he just cannot remember the prayer and always has to read it from paper. Councillor Merv Buckwald agreed, saying, “Me neither, that’s why I have it on my computer screen.” That prompted Councillor Charlotte Neitzel to say she had been contemplating for some time bringing a motion to the table to re-introduce the Lord’s Prayer which brought agreement from Councillor Cairine Cybulski because of the number of emails she receives from people who are fed up with the disillusion of Canadian society.

The matter was tabled briefly until other items on the agenda were dealt with, but when it came time for new business, Coun. Neitzel put forth a motion to bring the prayer back. Mayor Mintha didn’t disagree but he expressed his fear that council would likely receive opposition from someone. “I’ve said this prayer all my life,” he said. “This is what I was born and raised with.” Coun. Neitzel said bringing the Lord’s Prayer back has been on her mind since her election to council three years ago. She said the prayer council members have been reciting for the past several years just doesn’t do anything for her. “The Lord’s Prayer is a generic religious prayer,” she said. “It’s not that I don’t have respect for other religions, because I do.” She added that by reciting the Lord’s Prayer it also allows anyone else attending the meeting to join in reciting it. “They are included with this prayer because it is our prayer,” she said.

Coun. Cybulski noted that not one member of council has memorized the generic prayer in the six years they have been on council. “I think anyone can respect the fact that we are just praying to a higher power,” she added. “For a Christian, it’s God, for a Muslim, it’s Allah. “At least we won’t have to read it off a piece of paper,” she added. Mayor Mintha said he was sick and tired of the changes in society when a person can’t say their own prayer anymore. He noted too the Lord’s Prayer is recited in the Ontario legislature, although there was a movement afoot a few years ago to remove it from the provincial chambers. Councillor Bob Peltzer was absent from last week’s meeting. The ruling by the European High Court in Strasbourg, which Italy plans to appeal, said crucifixes on school walls — a common sight that is part of every Italian’s life — could disturb children who were not Christians.

The prayer that many municipal councils use in place of the Lord’s Prayer goes as follows: Almighty God, we give thanks for the great blessings which you have bestowed on Canada and its citizens, including the gifts of freedom, opportunity and peace that we enjoy. Guide us in our deliberations as a municipal council, and strengthen us in our awareness of our duties and responsibilities. Grant us wisdom, knowledge and understanding to preserve the blessings of this country for the benefit of all and to make good laws and wise decisions. Amen. (Source)

This is a very encouraging sign. It means Canadians are slowly starting to turn against the cyanide of politically correct, means-nothing-to-no-one “religion”.  Either we’re Christian or we’re nothing at all.  So let ‘s all just stop pretending.

If the one or two bitter atheists can’t handle it, our response should be, “tough”.  And there’s the door.

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