2 thoughts on “Polish Catholicism Confronts Government’s Attack on Catholic TV Network

  1. This government is obviously suffering from short term memory. Memo to Donald Tusk: Who was it who made the rise of Solidarity and the fall of communism possible?
    Sapieha, Hlond, Wyszynski, Wojtyla and all the members of the church in Poland who stood up and resisted the Communists’ attempts to crush the Catholic Church and liberty in general.
    If there is one country where that will not work, it is Poland.
    May the Law and Justice party defeat Civic Platform and set things to right.

  2. I would add, in case Mr Tusk has also forgotten that Poland was partitioned and did not exist for 123 years. It was divides into three parts: One iunde the Control of Orthodox Russia, another under Protestant Prussia, and the third under the Catholic Hapsburgs of Austria. three very different systems, and yet, after that enfornced absence, when Poland was finally reconstuted in 1918, they formed a cohesive nation once again. There is only one reason why that was possible, and it is the Catholic Church. If the partition could not snuff out Poland and its chirch once and for all, what makes Mr Tusk think he can? Mr Tusk should also recognize that Jan Sobieski would be the first to tell him that the glory of the battle of Vienna belonged to God, not to Sobieski.
    He might want to visit Czestochowa where the Black Madonna is, and ask why the Protestant Swedes broke their teeth there in the deluge of 1655 and wewre then beaten back. Surely it wasn’t the sheer will power of some ragtag irregular Polish patriots.
    Mr Tusk is in dire need of a history lesson. May Mr. Kaczynski teach it to him.

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