One thought on “Polish archbishop: Unless we recognize sin, Christ’s incarnation is meaningless

  1. Before Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity about the year 307,Christians were murdered by Government decree,because of their healthy values.When Western society declared Christianity Unconstitutional in Government,Law and Education starting in 1962 it returned to hedonism as it’s State Sanctioned Religion-Worldview.This is the way it started here,and it did not happen in a political vacuum.In the guise of separation of Church and State Secular Hedonists by saying they are”neutral” talked the so-called the people into taking meaningful Christianity out of Western society.Our Civilizations problems are their new State sanctioned worldview-religions values.When the Worldview is corrupt evil Government precedents become law,and Children are indoctrinated into this so-called neutral Secular Hedonism by adults starting with Kindergarteners. Today some Political Parties want to start this indoctrination from Government daycares.Sin and gateway drugs are legalized,thus setting precedents for more drugs entering our Ports, and corrupting our people,as so-called human rights.

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