Last night, I must have been on heavy drugs.  I had written that things might be changing over at D&P.  Although I offered many caveats, I held a faint hope that Development & Peace would just stick to economic Marxism and keep social Marxism (i.e. abortion, contraception, and anti-family policies) out of their funding program.  

Boy, was I wrong.

When you’re hoping for a miracle, sometimes you get delusional and pretend things might change when there is even the slightest hint of a change of course.

I had remarked in my earlier post that D&P was featuring less objectionable groups on their website. I had erroneously believed that this might be an indication that a change of course had been genuinely charted.  In poking around some more, however, I see that this is not the case.  Take Mexico, for instance.  In their original report which kicked off the blogosphere’s investigation into D&P’s pro-abort funding scandal, LifeSiteNews named five pro-abort groups on the receiving end of Canadian Catholic money:  “Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez Human Rights Center” ($24,000 Canadian Dollars in 2007-2008 year), the “Mexican Network for Action Regarding Free Trade” ($36,000 CAD), the “Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action” ($40,000 CAD),  the “National Center for Social Communication” ($30,000 CAD), and the “All Rights for Everyone Network” ($40,000 CAD).  (Source)

The above highlighted group, Centro de Investigaciones económicas y políticas de Acción comunitaria (Centre for Economic and Political Research for Community Action) or CIEPAC, for short, is listed on page 131 of  Development & Peace’s 2006-2011 funding program, which is, by the way, still on their website’s server although now not visibly accessible from their new International Programs Page featuring their partners.  But this group is also still listed on their revamped Partner page as the feature group for Mexico. Check it out here.

In doing a simple search on their website, one can clearly see the Marxist and Pro-Abortion bent of this organization which is active in advocating for the destruction of innocent human life in Mexico.  The radical language and pictorial representations that they use of their ideological opponents tells you all you need to know about where this group is coming from.  Suffice it to say, LifeSiteNews, was right in their initial assessment of this group (as they have been with every single one of the groups they have reported on).

D&P’s “social justice” partner aggressively advocates the view that an abortion is a “woman’s free decision”: 


 Did I mention that they are anti-Catholic as well?

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church and several conservative organizations have been the main drivers of the debate about the moral and religious implications underlying the decision to terminate a pregnancy. However, we can’t forget a matter of great importance, which is that the law has as its objective setting rules for society that are based on real and concrete facts, while all religions are ruled by dogma. The inadmissibility of the Catholic hierarchy’s arguments against the decriminalization of abortion follows from this, because they are all moral dissertations on dogma within the Catholic Church. In that context, their arguments and the restrictions they impose are honorable and valid for those people who practice that faith, who will use them as a guide for how to live their daily lives. But we can’t pretend that these ideas are valid for all of society; society is diverse and pluralistic, and there are no absolute arguments in the face of a constant reality – the death of women from badly performed abortions.

The subtext of the debate for many powerful political, religious, and economic groups is to deny women the possibility of making decisions about their bodies and their lives. This is disguised by the moral debate over the “right to life,” as if those who favor decriminalization of abortion are against life. This is not the fundamental question. The fundamental question is the freedom to make decisions and to have the legal security to carry out these decisions in practice.

Neither can we forget that the groups in power are trying to perpetuate the patriarchal capitalist system, based on inequality between men and women, in a situation in which it is the former who discuss the morality of a fact and above all judge women who ethically and conscientiously decide about their lives.

Motherhood cannot be a social obligation founded on biological principles or on the “natural” role of women. Motherhood must be the result of a decision that is thought out, desired, sensitively reflected upon, and not coerced by a patriarchal society which maintains that the primary function of women is reproduction. Freedom of decision, freedom of conscience implies reflection, internal debate, and conscious consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of having or not having a child. It is a fundamental and necessary human right, a right which resides in the autonomy of our lives and which women are not prepared to give up. (Source)

So, folks, the bottom line is that D&P’s new website is just window-dressing.  Like I said in my title, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

It might be business as usual for D&P, but after Monday – if things don’t change and the Catholic bishops don’t stop funding pro-abort, Marxist, radical revolutionaries in the Global South – it will not be business as usual in how faithful Catholics engage or trust their bishops.  How could it be? If being pro-life means something, then there are consequences to those beliefs – both in how we exercise them and how our spiritual leaders are supposed to exercise them. 

We can’t go on being useful idiots of either D&P or the Bishops forever, can we?


3 thoughts on “PLUS ÇA CHANGE…

  1. These will wage war against the Lamb and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful. John, D&P know what they are doing. How sad.

  2. Please pray for Bishop David Monroe 69, of the Diocese of Kamloops. He was severely beaten at Sacred Heart Cathedral by a man with a mental condition. Police have the man in custody.

  3. No, no, John, you must have it wrong.

    I mean, the CCCB “investigated” these Mexican groups and found that nothing was wrong. How could they have missed such blatant evidence freely available on the web?

    Even a CURSORY examination would have uncovered that information. Surely you’re not implying that they didn’t really bother looking? Or worse, that they turned a blind eye?

    I can’t believe it. I’m in denial.

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