Playing them like a fiddle

It’s that unthinking assumption that if people believe something to be true they aren’t open to discussion, argument or negotiation about what that belief entails or means in the day-to-day ordering of society. So when a small group of faculty members and students at Rome’s La Sapienza University succeeded in preventing Pope Benedict XVI from speaking there recently we were all left with a mirror image of tolerant and intolerant. Suddenly the religious is the open welcoming point of dialogue and academia, that bastion of free speech and inquiry without limit, is the source of militant, vigilant intolerance. (Catholic RegisterKavanagh is a senior producer at CBC Radio in Toronto.)

Do not adjust your browser. That’s not a typo. Yes, someone who works for the Crap Broadcasting Corporation has come to the defense of the Pope.  Although it might be a surprise to him, the Catholic Church has always been the greatest patron of free thought and expression within the boundaries of revealed truth.  There is much more freedom within the Church, than there is with the secular high priests and tribunal commisars who rule Canada today, for instance.  As we can read from this frank admission, it tells you something when the guy who is regarded as the king dogmatist in the whole world by the Left is becoming the champion of free speech and inquiry.  He gave no quarter in telling the Islamicists to ditch violence as the preferred mode of their communication, and apparently the slick guy in white played the “professors” and “students” like a fiddle in showing the world how these “academic” centres are full  of filthy Leftist fascists. 

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