Playing Mom

20/20, a popular cable human interest television show, recently had a piece about the growing popularity of so-called “re-borns”.  These very life like baby dolls that many women spend a small fortune to acquire, are then dressed, nurtured, and taken for walks in strollers.  Some women create elaborate nurseries and even celebrate their birthdays.  This absurdity must be a direct consequence of the culture of death.  Some of the women interviewed said that they received all the joys of motherhood without the poopy diapers, crying and sleepless nights.  It would be very interesting to find out just how many of these women have had abortions or deeply regret their decisions to limit the size of their families.  Some may have even waited too long and their fertility has passed them by.  Guilt must also be a part of this twisted reality in some way or another.  A popular conservative talk show host made an interesting observation.  Maybe Planned Parenthood should offer a new re-born with each abortion in order to lessen the guilt of their clients.  The slogan could be something like this, “all the nurturing without the mess” or “all the love, without the financial burden” or maybe “no diapers and lots of sleep, who wouldn’t want this baby to keep?”  Sad, truly sad.      

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