Planned Parenthood’s war on science and reason

Watch this video.  They’re denying the relevance of science and reason in the abortion debate.  So what are we supposed to go on?  Karma?

Very uninspiring arguments from a movement that has run out of ideas.

One thought on “Planned Parenthood’s war on science and reason

  1. Dr. Bernard Nathenson proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that science and technology, now show abortion to be the murder of living and growing children in the warmth of their mothers wombs.
    These innocent children have done nothing wrong to deserve Capital Punishment.
    Dr. Nathenson’s movie’s, Silent Scream, and Eclipse of Reason, show babies trying to escape the surgeons knife ,and then the surgeon cutting them to pieces. We now have Bill C-510 Roxanne’s Law, before Parliament.
    Politics is very important as the politicians we support and elect to our Legislatures and Parliament pass or reject Bills into Law.
    After The Second World War, The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortions, which our justices then considered crimes against humanity. This certainly is not the same country our fathers fought and died for in the great Wars.

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