Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts?

Watch the undercover video below. A Planned Parenthood senior executive makes it abundantly clear that some affiliates not only harvest and sell aborted baby parts, but they do so with partial-birth abortion.

This is disgusting.

By the way, partial-birth abortions and the selling of human body parts are both illegal across the U.S. even in this age of liberal madness.

There’s no question that heads should roll and some people should go to jail. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll know just how corrupt the whole legal system has become.

One thought on “Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts?

  1. What kind of Catholic formerly Christian society politically allows this evil to be legalized,and then taught to students by adult school teachers and abortion activists,as legalized so-called Secular human rights? This has led to legal and political precedents being set to legalize even more atrocities,as So-called “neutral” Democratic Secular human rights.The New so-called neutral Secular Worldview-Religion has declared objective thinking a crime.Why are you being politically apathetic and indifferent,as this tyranny is being imposed on your children, by adult school teachers etc.,as Secular human rights?Has the majority gone stark raving mad? This is a direct consequence of accepting Paganism as constitutional in Government,Law and Education as the State Sanctioned ,albeit the so-called neutral variety of Secular Paganism.Most have converted to the new Western Government Sanctioned Worldview-Religion.Very sad indeed.

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