Plain Talk Based On Reality

…In a strongly-worded letter dated March 7, the ten bishops, led by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, also ask for an extra day of fasting on Friday, March 30, in response to the U.S. Health and Human Services mandate as “an unprecedented and gross infringement” against the religious liberty normally enjoyed by religious institutions in America.  “Make no mistake about it – this government mandate is a step which will inevitably lead to other mandates that continue to strike at the heart of our Faith and the constitutional liberties we have been guaranteed,” write the bishops. “The mandate cannot stand – it must not stand!”…(Source)

What a refreshing change from the useless cumbaya crap we’re use to hearing from our leadership.  (And I mean that in all sincerity, so I’ll get excused for being so blunt.)

+Chaput is about 10 years too late.  But better late than never.


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