Pink ladies not so polite

I went to the abortion site for about 35 minutes today. There were 7 or 8 people quietly praying. I arrived about 11:35 and I wasn’t there one minute when a lady in pink came over and yelled and us and said “you are cruel and disgusting and I hope you all go to hell.”

She went back and gave the high five to one of the other pink ladies. If anybody is harassing anybody, it is them harassing us. The reason I am mentioning this is because yesterday when Jennifer was there the police were called.



As we can see, the abortion battle is not only about the perversion and cheapening of human life. It is also about the perversion of the truth. Who are the victims, who are the ones being “harrassed”, who are the ones in need of protection? When a culture is bent on killing innocent human beings, the truth is completely inverted in order to prop up its lies and wickedness.

Just the same, we are having an effect. Exorcism does have the effect of unleashing rage.


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