5 thoughts on “Pigs are circling Canadian cities

  1. Wonderful. John, do you think the Jesuits will ever return to the way they were? For a while I thought they were pretty much done as a religious order, but maybe they will return to orthodox teaching.

  2. Thanks for posting this, I had not read it. I’m a young adult who often goes to Fr. Burwell’s TLM at St. Ann’s. I also participated in the Corpus Christi procession shown in the article. It was an amazing traditional devotion brought back to this city with the solemnity it deserves. We are very blessed to have him leading the Latin Mass community here in Winnipeg. I know of no other parish here that compares to the beauty and reverence given to God at St. Ann’s.

  3. I find it quite ironic that this would happen in Winnepeg of all places because of the notorious “Winnepeg Statement” published by the Canadian Bishops in Sept 1968 in response to Pope Paul VI’s last and most important encyclical “Of Human Life” Perhaps this will finally turn that city around as far as the damage done by that dissenting statement to “follow your conscience” Also it is the first Latin Mass there in over 40 years.

  4. How I wish to have the Tridentine(Latin)Mass again. Our church was just renovated. I could cry when I saw the result. One side-altar with statue of Mary was removed to make room for the few musicians.The other one, just removed. I feel sorry for all those who gave money for the changes. No communion-rail. Please, receive H.Communion on tongue. Jesus wants to come in you, not in your un-blessed hand. I always received on tong, tho 2 priests tried to open my folded hands. If you have a chance to go to Latin Mass, do so. You will be able to kneel to receive on tongue. Start honoring God, your Judge !

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