Pics of St. Joe’s marching in Gay Pride Parade

Once again, parishioners from St. Joe’s participated in the Gay Pride Parade.

As shown in the picture, some folks from St. Joe’s parish actually had some T-shirts printed for the parade.

You can see below that they also marched with a banner identifying themselves as the “Gay Community and Allies at St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish.”

I don’t mean to bash these people. Rather, I wish they would be open to sitting down and discussing the real meaning of sexuality. Perhaps they might see things in a different light.¬†They might realize that homosexuality doesn’t come close to the sublime beauty of real sex as intended by God.

They’re short-changing themselves of the real thing and failing to realize God’s full plan for their lives.

3 thoughts on “Pics of St. Joe’s marching in Gay Pride Parade

  1. Right under Archbishop Prendergast’s nose too. They’re not doing anything about it.

    And now the Archbishop is praising D & P in this artcile:

    That’s why I don’t trust a church so much as I trust God because I know He won’t let me down. That’s why I don’t tithe whatsoever in a Catholic Church. They’re pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. If they don’t speak out and do something it means they support it.

  2. Sodomy is legal in Canada. Sodomy causes the dysfunction of the lower bowel tract. These morbid deceases of the lower bowel tract are endemic in the homosexual community. What kind of Catholics allow this behavior to become legalized as marriage, and then become a legalized human right and social justice to be normalized to innocent impressionable schoolchildren? These formerly innocent schoolchildren are recruited legally by adults who ought to know better. What kind of society legalizes this?

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