Photo Op Going to be Costly for Harper

I wasn’t kidding about this post when I said I was going to be moving it up the food chain….

Worthy District Deputy,

I have been asked to convey the following by Brother John Pacheco who is a member in Council 12296. John and I have been colleagues for a number of years especially in the founding of The Rosarium of the Blessed Virgin Mary Life Centre, an organization dedicated to the promotion of the culture of life a mirror image of the Knights of Columbus’ pillar. John has a blog, SoCon Or Bust which gives us an up to the minute report on important culture of life issues and other social justice topics.

With respect to this Canadian general election, John has provided an analysis of the conduct of Stephen Harper with respect to abortion. As you can see, he posed with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and Deputy Supreme Knight Dennis Savoie in December at his Ottawa office. Yet at the beginning of this campaign he stated, “Our position in the future is that this government will not open the abortion debate and will not allow another opening of the abortion debate.

John strongly points out (and everyone should agree) that our politicians must be held accountable to us and not our accountability to them. This appears to be a disingenuous “photo op”. Our Supreme Knight and his Deputy must be advised to ensure that political capital is not garnered at the expense of the Knights and our pillars and the Canadian membership be fully informed to guide them including Brothers Nat Gallo and Yvon Robert especially near the eve of the election.

We are a voting force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your attention.

Vivat Jesus,

Tony Liuzzo
G.K. 12296

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