Petition to the CBC to Report the Truth – Index Page

Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction

CBC Petition – Round 1 Correspondence (05.13.11)

Taxation without representation – Round 2 Correspondence   (05.19.11)

The CBC’s Response To Its False Reporting…and Socon or Bust’s Rebuttal – Round 3 Correspondence (05.30.11)

Socon or Bust Files Access To Information Request Regarding March for Life Numbers (06.03.11)

 A Study of the Crowd Size on Parliament Hill and the CBC’s False Reporting of it (06.07.11)

CBC’s Embarrasing Estimate (06.08.11)

Update on Access to Information Request on CBC’s False Reporting of March for Life (07.05.11)

The Numbers Game   (CBC Ombudsman Dismisses Complaint) (08.08.11)


The numbers game: How many really attended the 2011 Canadian March for Life?

March for Life Media Roundup

Over 15,000 Emboldened Pro-Lifers Declare at the March for Life: “The Debate Is On”

6 thoughts on “Petition to the CBC to Report the Truth – Index Page

  1. The sooner this leftist anti-God organization has it’s hand out of my pocket the better.Yjey are lying liars just like most of the MSM,peopled by Marxists but this entity is eating MY crops.Time for this sow to go to the knackerman.

    Thanks for your ministry.You are appreciated.

    Gordon Campbell

  2. I was surprised by the fact that hardly anything about the 2011 March for Life was mentioned in any of the News papers…and when I did read a few days later …it was false information… On the 16th May there was something in the Editorial of The Ottawa Citizen ..but it had a negative connotation…
    I wonder why there is so much dishonest reporting…are we living in a culture of lies
    I am not terribly worried..because our God is a Just , Righteous and a Merciful One…
    He will do the needful to bring about Justice…Let us continue to pray for those who need courage to be their reporting..

  3. $1,000,000,000. of shameful waste goes to the CBC each year. Our tax dollars cannot and need not afford such utter waste.

    Besideds that, we suffer through all their left-wing nonsense.

  4. Signing a petition which will eventually land on the CBC Ombudsman’s desk is pointless. We Canadians from coast to coast to coast need to get petitions signed and sent to our parliamentarians. There is no justification whatsoever for a state funded broadcaster in this day and age. They should have to earn their money like any other broadcaster, by attracting large enough audiences to make advertisers willing to pay a good price. They are completely immune from that sort of accountability.

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