Petition Against the “Theologian Kings” To Be Sent End of July

Folks, I’m going to be sending in the petition to the Nuncio at the end of June (Update: Extension to end of July). So far, we’ve collected 162 signatures.  Would like to see a cool 200.  That’s not a bad number considering the nature of the petition and what this thing is about.

Spread the word and let’s try and get to 200.

Heresy Hunter has some more info on it. Check out his latest delicious post here.

The sooner this sham Spirit of Vatican II dies, the better.


One thought on “Petition Against the “Theologian Kings” To Be Sent End of July

  1. ‘Fr’ Hans has clearly lost his marbles,.. After the last statement regarding the schism and SSPX,.I think even the modernist crowd have to concur that their failed ‘Spirit of VII’ lab experiment is headed the way of the dinosaur…

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