Persecution…the real deal.

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Hi John,

Just thought I’d let you know since I posted a couple of days ago about a death threat coming at me from a Catholic/Christian hating man who has been spewing hatred and downright malicious venom towards,( anything or anybody Catholic , me in this case since I always share from Truth at 12 step meetings), well it has been going on for 13 years and escalated to that Thursday with a barrage of calling me words that cannot be repeated plus the threat. Usually I just do not respond, and do nothing. Truth is I have been praying big time for him and 2 others who bully me in those rooms and spread malicious lies mostly because they hate my love of my faith and Jesus and all He says and represents.
Today after the Pro-Life Mass at St. Bernard. I went to join other Pro-Life witnesses at St. Laurent and Ogilvie Roads, and stood a ways up from the” Show The Truth” witnesses behind me, as Jim normally wants me to stand at the front.
Anyway, I was holding my” I regret my abortion “sign, on one side of me and men regret lost fatherhood, and praying my Rosary continually when some hostile events began to take place. I won’t go into all of them here, but one of them involved a young man and his apparent girlfriend who I saw yelling abuse as they crossed Ogilvie to get to the entrance where I was standing of St. Laurent shopping center. He continued his hateful yelling to me again with such malicious profane words that they cannot be repeated, and hatred (as if he knows me, from the things he said about my Faith), and a threat that he is going to find “my” church and go desecrate it. I thought later , I should have said “it is not “my” church.
Anyhow, God had already informed my heart earlier when I first got there that something was going to happen, I just was not sure what., and soon found out.
Another fellow showed up with a handmade sign about choice and ,I as I said can’t get into that or the fact a few of the Pro-Life people tried to “dialogue” with this man who yelled as if he as from Columbine” There is no God, I’ve done all the research etc”!.
He was from what I could tell from what he did say, one of two sons born to a single mother, (or at least one who is now )and had been himself involved with 3 abortions, even though he did state he did not make the girl but stood behind her decision, even though to him, abortion was everyone’s personal choice. He was a very broken man, and that is another story ,One thing he said he was so upset because he did not want his present son to view the pictures. It is obvious himself that cannot bear them, and they arouse these confused feelings of hate, disgust , frustration, rage, maybe hidden guilt,in is own being.
This is what abortion and refusal to believe in God does to a human being.
However while some of the witnesses were going back and forth with this man, the other one who had threatened me earlier, walked in between where Cy and I were standing and threw a big Tim Horton’s cup of tomato juice all over me, and Cy’ face and body.
When Cy called after him , he turned around as if to challenge us and say again laced with profanity he was going to go get 20 of his “friends” to come back there with him, if we challenged him or did not leave, something to that effect. It is hard to make out profanity laced vitriolic, malicious hate speech.
I guess the police don’t call that hate speech. Interestingly enough after all had left, and Cy had gone into the shopping center to do some shopping a p[police car showed up and parked beside my car. I do not know if he was there late because someone had called him to “talk” to us about our witness or because it was a co-incidence. So I decided to go up and tell him what had just happened. His response when I told him I had just been assaulted of sorts by a rage filled young man who returned to throw juice on me, was well look at the signs you people have. I told him , that I was, in fact not holding such a sign (not that, as you know I have anything against such signs, and even hold them myself at times, just not this time.) I told him my sign says “I regret my abortion”. He said” well…you know if a police man does something in Vancouver, I still may suffer for it …” I see guilt by association.
Fine I am carrying my cross Officer, just wanted to see if you do your job when a crime of assault has been committed I guess we ask for it showing those awful signs depicting tortured innocent children, ey?, Sorry, shame on us for defending life Sir, especially me for confessing I was involved with the murder of my own child, by believing lies and listening to the lies of a world gone mad. Oh by the way is that not what part of your job is “protecting” life or is it just a certain segment of the “public” that warrants that these days, even though we all pay your salaries, by our taxes.
I am sorry for the sarcasm, and I know Jesus loves me or He would not have had this happen, just thought I would let you know that what I said earlier in an email, is so true, and the nothing below is very angry about what is happening, so we must pray and spread God’s gospel of love, redemption, and Salvation even more. Phewwww, that stuff stinks.
Please pray for me and my protection so I can continue to do God’s work unhindered. That is two threats in the span of 3 days.

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  1. My dear brother, Blessed are you for receiving those insults so charitably! Do persevere with your serene witness at the 12 step meetings as well. We do live in ‘world gone mad’ as you put it. I know that the 12 step groups also have 12 traditions which ask for “obedience to the unenforceable” and that principles are above personalities, and that religion is not supposed to be mentioned at the meetings. Unfortunately, nowadays that is interpreted at some of the meetings among some attendees, as meaning not saying anything positive about religion but criticism of religion is fair game. For anyone who has the ability to do a bit of research however, it can be demonstrated that this was NOT the intention of Bill W and the first 100 AA members in 1935. As a matter of fact, part of the reason for the emphasis that AA is not to be thought of as a religious movement and not promoting religion was to accomodate Catholic alcoholics who were forbidden in those days to pray with Protestants. If my reading of the history of AA is correct, there was only one atheist who did not want God mentioned when Bill W presented the 12 steps to the first 100 members to confirm that that was indeed what they did to achieve sustained sobriety. Bill W was known to give credit to Jesus Christ for his own sobriety, seeing some similarities in his conversion with that of St. Paul’s. All variations of 12 step groups look to the beginnings of AA as their inspiration, so whatever 12 step fellowship you belong to, stand tall knowing that you would have felt most at home in those early days. Depending on what fellowship you belong to will depend on whether you could actually make reference to some of the historical record found in AA literature in the meetings, but the cross you carry there is due in large degree to the decline of the wider culture within which we all live. Persevere. Trust me, you are a light in those meetings. Don’t flaunt your religion, of course, but for the sake of the newcomer who may benefit from your presence, be yourself. Continue to pray for those poor souls who are a thorn in your side, remembering that many persons have been hurt by all sorts of abuses in the name of God. In some way, you are to be an antidote for their sake, even though they might see you as a thorn in their side. But for the grace of God…, right? As for the police, I suspect that it would depend on the individual officer or constable. They too have their personal history and statistically a certain percentage of them would also react emotionally because of unresolved guilt. I would be very shocked if there is actually a policy discriminating against pro-lifers. God bless you, and keep up the good work. You are very close to the heart of Jesus.

  2. Dear Father, By the way the person who wrote the post is not a male. Read the the post. It says that they carried an “I regret my abortion” sign on one side and on another sign, they had was “men regret lost fatherhood”.

    As far as what you said about “religion”, and that it is not supposed to be mentioned at A.A. (you assume), I just said 12 step meetings, in fact you are wrong anyway, but I will tell you what it does say about A.A. since you brought it up, is says that A.A. itself is not a Religious organization, nor affiliated with anyone, or any thing.
    No where does A.A. say that.
    A.A. does though , since you mentioned it , in its own BigBook say “we will be quick to see where relegious folk are right,

    A.A. also says we are all to be able to share in environment free of censorship. You are wrong saying A.A. says that , what you claim, and you speak presuming the person postin it doesn not know the history and much more about the 12 steps than you know.
    Also you presume much about what the post says, instead of
    having humility and and acknowledging that perhaps the person is well aware of that.
    Also…Dear Father Anthony , many folk presume that because they are in the rooms of A.A. they can act out even abusively, and in a continually hateful and aggressive, insulting manner ,ways that would not be accepted outside of such rooms.
    No they cannot, and it should not be “tolerated” We are tho think about the newcomer as well.

    If people refuse to allow others to share from their experience , strength and hope WHATEVER they choose to share that maybe, even especially beneficial to the good of the newcomer and or group, by means of their attempts to silence that person single them out or attempt to make them feel small or wrong sharing their faith, by their consistent muttering insults etc. then those people should not be allowed, in the rooms till they cease to do this

    Also Father Anthony, those things are disruptive to the meeting .
    A.A.’s primary purpose is the newcomer. If a newcomer comes into a room of alcoholics and who happens to be Catholic/Christian and hear’s their faith being bashed, over and over especially as is the norm more and more in the
    rooms of A.A, where everyone “chooses” their own concept of god if the One presented, does not suit them, they may get a very bad impression of A.A. and not continue coming for fear of listening to such hate, and thus not feeling free to share.

    A.A. by the way is very clear about its history being of Judeo Christian roots and that it “allows” other aspects of other beliefs in. (Read the Daily Reflections, a book used in A.A. It also refers to God with a capital G and, over and over calls, and even refers to Him as ” Father” as well as mentioning the prayer of St. Francis as well as the 12 step prayer.
    I will not go into anymore sharing as to what A.A. says or does not say but what you have said about A.A.and that A.A. are told not to share about religion is WRONG, in the context in which you present it. By the way, Dear Father I know very well the “principles before personalities” concept To Whom do you think these principles derive from? I also know the old “live and let live” line and the way some members twist the term “tolerance” to excuse abusive behavior towards another, even allowing it, when , in fact every person should be allowed to share from again their own experience(Heaven help that be a “Religious” one for those “spiritual ” folk, who have not got the slightest idea of what the word “relgion” or religious even really means) the peace , not to mention love Truth and joy they have received from following the God of their own understandingThat might be ,look out now1 this is an unpopular oh so daring thiong to say in these rooms the VERY same God they learned about when they were children!
    The One Who sent His One and Only Son to die on the cross for them so they could have life and have it abundantly and even share in all the Sacramental Grace offered by the Church He established and through the Intercession of His and now Our Beloved Mother Mary.

    How dare someone try to censor someone from speaking abou the big bad Word consrued by many in their own “misunderstanding” and butchered as the word “Love” has abuse and throwen around so much that the meaning is lost to those who do not know the Truth . Again, this is a perfect example of how the evil one has gotten into the rooms of A.A. trying to make people feel small or closed because they follow their convictions and are not afraid to share about their finding the One, who is Truth.
    The very term ‘religion” is misinterpreted by so many, who follow the god of relativism and their own designer gods who allows everything they like. They wonder why they do not receive what step 5 promises because they do not fully do steps 1-4 . Nor do many even read or follow those who do do the do the steps and traditions set out in the original form.

    In fact it is all too obvious , any mention of the word sin is discouraged as are people who mention suffering for their sin, and Heaven help one mention they felt guilty or remorse and are in need of constant purifying pf the sin that is the real reason they drank. A.A. says itself it is not about just abstaining or having alcohol removed (although God does that definitely, but changing oneself, by turning over our whole selves to God to “Do whatever You Will” It also says “selfishness and self-centerdness is the root of our problem”
    It says A.A.s are defiant ego-maniacs inferiority complexes. So many want to be babied and have again distorted A.A. TO SAY IT ALL ABOUT “FEELINGS” it is NOT. A.A. says that A.A.s” are emotionally immature and overly sensitive”. That is why so many get” Ohhhhh… so put off at the mention of accountability, let alone doing a thoughtful, honest and thorough moral inventory and making restitution for our sins and acknowledging the deep need for God to break down the pride. Just to WHAT BAROMETER and to Whom is one to look to to measure how to do this moral inventory, It must be to a God Who is the Sole Word on True morals. If one goes to a “sponsor” who follows the god of their own design, how can that sponsee know or even hope to receive what God alone can and does IF we follow what He says. A.A. says in big black italics, “MAY YOU FIND GOD NOW!!!” not a sponsor, not a principle (although He is the One to which ALL True principles derive from) A.A.s may indeed benefit following just principles, (even as- according to Holy Scripture, God allowed the dogs to be fed from the crumbs that fell to the floor. Translation for A.A.s (Grace overflowing), from those following what the One God says, and doing it.!Ultimately, it is about dying to one’s pride and turning one’s life over to a Higher power who the founders of A.A said themselves they call God , if not right away, then later on.

    Interestingly enough I know a Priest who when he is in the rooms of A.A. he says he introduces himself by his first name, because he I guess does not want people to think he `knows`more, or because he is a Priest , what he says is necessarily right, let alone True. So he leaves out the titile of Father. Just thought I would mention it.
    Everyone is supposed to feel identical in the fact that they all share a common problem. Makes one wonder about Nomad groups but that is another matter.

    God Have Mercy, there are unfortunately a priests who do not acknowledge Jesus True Presence`in the Holy Eucharist , discourage Confession and even practice immoral atrocities, under such guise, Heaven Help us even advising people that they do not need to call sin sin, and that they do not need to go to confession over and over… or worse yet, some even have been know to tell girls or women to have an abortion! Just thought I`d mention it.
    A.A.s Big Book has been tampered by from some “other” groups since its First edition, came out and the results are very evident in attempts to water down Truth of A.A. History even and what it is and is not. to instead of allowing people of all kinds to come into the rooms to receive the help from God they need by following the Big Book and Steps and Traditions, these more recent ,…let us say tampered with editions… just , excuse me,for the sake of Truth saying it is alright to follow whatever sexual path one feels is o.k and still be a part of A.A. ( I am referring to the later editions of the Big Book of A.A. where stories have been added to the original text chosen ,( by some, and I wonder whom,) to … in their own way, with the sole purpose I am sure of inferring that what what God says regarding one’s sexual identity , is left up in the air, if of course you follow the god of your own concept, who does not differentiate from what mere humans decide is o.k. and `normal`about their relationships, sexual,l and otherwise and how this plays out in one’s “sobriety”.

    The devil is in the details. A.A. has become a microcosm of the fallen horror that is what drove Pope Benedict to His latest decision about stepping aside. When one lives outside of God`s One and Only Truth and or leave out parts of what the Big Book and the steps and traditions of A.A. offer,( some say `suggest` Announcement -There are 72 `MUSTS`in the Big Book of A.A.) they will of course feel the need to rationalize and twist everything to what their own `god `is telling them.

    Those who have a hatred and disdain ,( because of their own `chosen“beliefs and how they `choose`to live) regarding the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth-,and what is Sacred and Truthful are not shy to be very bold about it, and are using the rooms of A.A. to try to push their agenda there as well, under the banner of “tolerance” that is not true tolerance by the way, and has nothing to do with what the principles of A.A. teach.

    For instance, In the 4th and 8th steps of A.A. people are told 1st- in the 4th step- to do and honest and fearless moral inventory, and also a thorough examination of their hearts and the wrongs they have done to themselves and others, then in the 8th step-to close examine oneself very thoroughly again and to attempt to extricate any hidden perversion of their own nature lest it affect their relationships with others, etc.

    There is also a page in one of the books of A.A. “Daily Reflections” that states “that the 2 greatest sins…, note it uses the term sin( for those who only say they have character “flaws”, thus probably do not “sin”, that is according to their own”sundry” ideas (by the way another quote from A.A.)-are: 1- NOT following the CORRECT Spiritual path and not leading others down a WRONG path.

    God lead those in A.A. and every way and everyday
    into Your Truth Alone
    In the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

    • I just want to add, I apologize to you Father Anthony, about my
      last post, It is not you who I intend to read this but those who are in fact not spreading the Truth in A.A. or elsewhere, for
      fear of not being àccepted“ by others, or`hurting`their feelings.
      When one loves another they share the truth, of how they lived and where it brought them, BECAUSE they LOVE the person and do not desire for them to suffer the consequences of such choices and sinful conduct, and the results of following what they themselves deemed to be `true`.

      Today in front of the Morgantaller mill, one of the sidewalk counselors was being interrogated as if she was a common or more to the point `guilty`criminal for handing out pamphlets to people with the hopes of when they see the truth about the growing fetus`(true definition-little child), within the mothers`womb they will perhaps,…`( if they are considering listening to the lies from planned parenthood and the workers and all who benefit“, by means of blood money, from the murder of the innocents) reconsider and thus be making a more informed `choice`before they agree to be complicit with the torturous slaughter of their own.-which of course brings about the consequences the devil promises when we listen to his voice to partake in his culture of death. Yes Thank God for His Mercy, never presume it.

      As this Dear woman tried to state it is in fact her right and that she is not committing mischief, but in fact just trying to let people know the truth about their babies and abortion since they sure do not get it from pp, or the workers and `counselors ` in said mill whose primary sole concern is to continue running the death factory . They claim to help women. Help them lose their souls and kill their own all in the name of “rights. WAKE-UP CALL NO ONE HAS THE `RIGHT`TO KILL ANOTHER. PERIOD.
      Interestingly enough, the other day, when a man who claimed there is no God“ and that everyone was allowed to make whatever choice they wanted, and who in fact has a child was asked by someone `What if I came up to you and killed you and or your son , right now,- responded by saying “that is YOUR choice.“ He added very quickly, however, “but you will face the consequences.“ Oh I see when someone kills YOUR child that is the one who you were not involved in aborting, it is different and THEN , “they“ will face consequences, but it is different when you killing or being complicit or advocating for others “choice“ to kill ap those who you do not see, and or not related to .

      What can one expect from people attempting to defend that which cannot be defended and refuse to acknowledge God because of pride in one`s own (by the way the only reason they have a mind is because God gave it to them) shall we say intellectual “ understanding.

      Anyway …as the morning progressed the ambulance arrived in front of 65 Bank and the paramedics went upstairs with a stretcher and were up there for some time. A few people took pictures of the ambulance the licence number and the building and address behind it. Of course upon seeing this, as I was standing there praying and with my sign, the security guard his thug friends who support him, and the main worker upstairs who gives the main orders and spews the most lies involving and about Pro-Life people and why people are praying and reaching out there to help, all came out and no kidding in unison and with her leading the group as fingers and hers the most pointed in my direction,violently spewed insults directly at me, calling me judgmental and Heaven knows what else and of course giving me the finger. This tirade was almost too much as they did this while the poor patient was being lifted up ion to the ambulance. Of course they covered her face, the abortion workers cares so much about her well being, don`t you know.

      It was eerie. When I saw her face covered up by the blanket it was as if she had died, and all the while , ALL, that these workers cared about was yelling abuse at me, as if I was the one to blame for the fact she is now in the condition that `THEY`
      did to her and perhaps the child within her that they in their
      cold hearts were attempting to help murder in the most violent means possible. Was it an attmpt to distract others from what was happening while an ambulance was taking a woman away.

      I yelled back.“ I am not judging but YOU are killing babies and perhaps her as well.“ They already attempted to help kill her soul, that is until and hopefully she would come to Jesus for His undying love and mercy, by asking for His forgiveness for trying or being involved with killing HIS and Blessed Virgin and MOTHER MARYS`child.
      Every child belongs to God and God ALONE.
      Please pray for this woman, her soul and her child
      Lord have Mercy

      In Jesus and Mary

  3. Sorry Frances, I was actually just trying to be encouraging. It seems I am not as good a communicator as I thought. God bless you.

  4. Thanks for being brave, Frances.

    As this persecution becomes increasingly common, the organizers of Show the Truth may need to adjust their advertising to warn people in advance that they could be in for a rough ride.

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