Perhaps There Is ONE Revolution Occuring in the Church

…For decades, it’s felt like I have absolutely zero impact on Church affairs.  But in the age of blogs, social media and instaneous reaction and connection, I finally feel like somebody is listening and that I can make a difference.   Now some might scoff at the idea that faithful Catholics have any kind of impact, considering the text of the Relatio. But think back 20 years ago before social media. This document might have been published and (if anyone had paid attention to it) it would have been passed off as Vatican fiat and us laity had nothing to say about it. We were expected to take that crap.
Now, if something comes out the Vatican, and it’s not up to snuff, the laity can do something about it. The Holy Press Office had the wisdom of creating a hashtag for this synod (#Synod14) and so anybody who wants to comment or pass on a story can do so.  There’s also tons of commentary, and it’s aggregated on sites like BigPulpit, Pewsitter and  I don’t believe the laity have ever had a hand in formulating a Vatican document — ever– the way they are having an impact today… (Source)

You got that right. I get visits from the Holy See every day.  Fr. Rosica is a big fan.

One thought on “Perhaps There Is ONE Revolution Occuring in the Church

  1. Like cockroaches evil thrives in the shadows. All this publicity is like a spot light on all the shenanigans. The judases in the Church must be quaking in their boots.

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