Pepsi Promoting Gay Agenda

This is not too smart.  McDonald’s tried to ignore the American Family Association too and look what happened to them. 

PepsiCo gives $500,000 to promote the gay agenda in workplace

Company ignores two requests from AFA to discuss Pepsi’s support of gay groups.

Take Action!

  • E-mail Chairman Indra K. Nooyi. Tell her that you expect Pepsi to stop supporting the gay agenda.
  • After sending your e-mail, please call Pepsi (914-253-2000) (800-960-3602) and ask the company to remain neutral in the culture war.
  • Forward this e-mail to your friends and family so they will know about Pepsi’s support of the gay agenda.

Pepsi’s products include Pepsi soft drinks, Frito-Lay chips (800-352-4477), Quaker Oats (800-367-6287), Tropicana (800-237-7799) and Gatorade (800-367-6287).

November 14, 2008

Dear Guy,Pepsi has given Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) a half-million dollars to help push the homosexual agenda in the workplace. PFLAG is a political advocacy group that promotes radical homosexual political causes like same-sex marriage, hate-crime laws, and gay adoption.Pepsi has a long tradition of financial support for homosexual groups. According to Jacqueline Millan, director of PepsiCo Corporate Contributions, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with PFLAG…(in) promoting the necessary message of inclusion to untapped groups…and that is a crucial step toward building a healthy working environment.”Despite the fact that 30 states have passed constitutional amendments defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, Pepsi continues to support the efforts by same-sex groups pushing for homosexual marriage.AFA wrote Pepsi on October 14 and again on October 29 asking the company to remain neutral in the culture war. Pepsi didn’t care enough to respond to the AFA letters. Pepsi’s lack of response indicates the company plans to continue support for the homosexual agenda.

5 thoughts on “Pepsi Promoting Gay Agenda

  1. Get over yourselves. gays are not the problem. people who think it is there responsibilty to rule over others lives, thats the problem. worry about your life and leave the homosexual community alone.

  2. I don’t drink pepsi. I do like the fact they are making a stand for what is right. You other people need to get of your high horses and stop telling others how to live their lives. Gays have done nothing to you and are good decent people. Everyone who is against Gays need to get a life of their own.

  3. i am an employee of pepsi and we attend training courses that instruct us to stay absolutely neutral in political issues. whoever is donating money to these causes is violating pepsi policy. disciplinary action must be taken against whoever is donating money to any side of a political issue no matter what their job title with the company is.

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