Pay Now or Pay Later

BERLIN (Reuters) – German hospitals have seen a surge in the number of planned births this week after a generous government aid program for parents of newborns took effect.The government, worried about a shrinking population, introduced benefits worth up to 25,200 euros ($33,470) to encourage working couples to have children. But only babies born from January 1 qualify.

Germany has a population of 82 million but low birth rates mean average ages are creeping up and seen as one of the factors hampering the development of Europe’s largest economy.



Well, it was only a matter of time before Germany woke up. The leftist ideologues in that particular country (with their Hitler-like persecution of homeschooling families) had to connect the dots between their eventual implosion and the birth rate. Ya mean you need children to have a nation?! Yes, you do, Jethro! Somebody has to pay for your welfare state.Now it seems that kids are a hot commodity. So hot, apparently, that they are willing to pay for women to have children. That’s a good thing, I guess, but I have mixed feelings about this. Although there might be a shift going on in some of these latte-senile countries, it is not going to be enough to turn the tide. Money only goes so far. You can bribe your citizens to have more children, but let’s face it, it’s a big responsibility and big sacrifice — more than the State has enough to pay. So you need something else. You need a consistent life ethic. That means respecting human life and banning abortions. But to ban abortions you need to convince your population that abortions are not good. In order to do that, you need to teach a Christian view about sex. As in, if you are not married, don’t do it. It all hangs together.

So the key success factor for Germany (and the rest of the poster-States for Depends) will be
whether they place sex in the correct context.

In other words, they need to stop worshipping the false gods of sexual license if they want to survive. It’s as simple as that.No civilization can operate on a contradictory life ethic for long. The State can’t pay for women to have children while simultaneously paying for them to abort them. It’s absolutely moronic.

Abortion and “dead sex” costs society lots and lots of money. Otherwise, why would Germany and other European countries start these kinds of programs? Because it’s an investment in the future. And you need kids to have a future. Right now, Europe is getting very top heavy.

Check this link out:

Check out these countries:


See the trend from 2000 -2025- 2050? It’s becoming top heavy and if it gets top heavy enough, the whole edifice collapses.

Not. Very. Good.

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