Pass the Popcorn, dear

In recent years, the abortion rights lobby has adopted the position of opposing in principle public expression of pro-life views. It used to be that the abortion rights lobby sought to prohibit pro-life speech only in narrow contexts. Abortion clinics, for example, obtained injunctions banning protests outside their doors. But the effort to remove anti-abortion speech from the public square has broadened considerably.

The most heavy-handed censorship tactics appear on university campuses, where pro-life student organizations are denied the status of official clubs. When pro-choice student leaders at Toronto’s York University learned that other students had organized a debate over the ethics of abortion, they promptly cancelled it, even though the event had been booked and the flyers printed. The president of York’s graduate students’ association said it was “not acceptable” to debate abortion because, in Canada, the “debate is over,” in the sense that abortion is legal.


One of the most controversial news events of 2008 was the induction of Henry Morgentaler, the well known abortion doctor, into the Order of Canada. The Citizen’s esteemed political cartoonist Cam Cardow produced a cartoon that featured rows of tiny Order of Canada medals. The caption went something like: These belong to the aborted babies who never grew up to win the Order of Canada.

It was a hard-hitting cartoon, with an unmistakable pro-life view — and therefore a cartoon that some pro-choice readers thought had no business seeing the light of day. They called it hate speech. Furious, they couldn’t believe that editors here didn’t rip up the cartoon the moment Cam drew it.


They’re hanging themselves, and they’re even doing it in the pro-abort media.  It’s absolutely delicious. 

Anything that is remotely seen as pro-life – even an innocuous ad of a woman saying she was glad she made the right decision about her baby – is seen as “hate speech” by these lunatics.

Keep going pro-aborts, you’re doing a smashing job at completely smearing your own reputations and the “choice” rhetoric you’ve used for years.

And we don’t even have to say a word. We just need to sit back, enjoy the football game, and look forward to Half Time.  

Pass the popcorn, dear. It’s going to be the most interesting Super Bowl in memory.

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