Party On

Recent celebration of official status as Sodom North was held at downtown Ottawa restaurant…

The soiree, thrown by Bill Graham and Conservatives-cum-Liberals Scott Brison and Belinda Stronach, was attended by high profile MPs Ken Dryden and Hedy Fry, Conservative Treasury Board president John Baird (who voted against his party and in favour of gay marriage) and Alex Munter, the former face of Canadians for Equal Marriage.“If you can imagine how hard it was for a member of the Liberal Party, I can’t imagine what it was like to be a Conservative and in favour of this,” Martin told a crowd of roughly 100 at TJ Pagodas in Ottawa’s Byward Market, referring to Stronach and Brison.

Brison spoke after the former prime minister. He kept his tone tongue in cheek, poking fun at opponents of same sex marriage — and Martin.“I was thinking, wouldn’t you love to marry a man like this,” said Brison of the former leader, earning a round of applause.

“Don’t worry,” Brison said to the uncomfortable-looking Martin. “They said it would lead to polygamy.” (Source)


Good to know that the Ottawa West Nepean Conservative Association was so well represented at this celebration. It just goes to show that the Conservative Party is more interested in sharing in the good times, than protecting the Canadian family.

At least Scott Brison had the semi-integrity to go over to the Liberal Party. And even Paul Martin got it when he wondered how a Conservative could support it. It only goes to show you that if it takes a Liberal to tell you what a Conservative should be, then Houston has a problem.

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