Parents: Stand up for your rights against the homosexualist bullies

From the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League:

 A story that is relevant to BC, and especially in Burnaby at the moment, is outlined at  Also a connection to Vancouver at Does not appear that the mainstream media is interested in following up with the Ministry of Education or the Attorney General.

One thought on “Parents: Stand up for your rights against the homosexualist bullies

  1. Isn’t it odd John that our Education Establishments, Governments, Popular Media and Courts promote the homosexual lifestyle as a healthy alternative to pursue to impressionable children and adults? The Public doesn’t seem to give a damn either as they buy into this BS, meaning Bad Science. Has everyone heard about The Public Health Agency of Canada’s HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report which proves homosexuality is extremely unhealthy? What about Gay Bowel Syndrome, a collection of bowel diseases endemic in the homosexual population, and proves Sodomy also to be very morbid?
    Two homosexual scientists Dean Hammer, Simon La Vay claim to have discovered a homosexual gene to the absolute glee of the Popular Media , but no other scientist anywhere can repeat their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad science. This BS is spread to impressionable BC Public School children by adults as truth, and that is diabolical.
    Homosexual behavior is proven to be hazardous to ones health, and ought not to be taught to impressionable BC Public School Children as just another healthy alternative lifestyle they can pursue.
    This is not homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts.
    Parents have every “right” to put an end to this morbid indoctrination which puts their children in harms way.
    Some are beginning to understand that Politically Correct Relativism is nonsense. Not all views are equally true or beneficial.

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