Parents obtain improvements for Catholic schools, much work left to be done

Kudos to the Catholic parents of Ottawa and to Parents as First Educators (PAFE) for pressuring the Ottawa Catholic School Board into modifying it’s existing policies so that “Catholic and social and moral teaching” will guide partnerships undertaken in the board. Apparently Archbishop Prendergast played an important role in obtaining this change.

Despite this improvement, the language in the policy remains ambiguous to the extent that it’s not clear that anti-life speakers will be systematically turned away or that students will be protected from going on trips to visit anti-life organizations in the Global South.  In fact, during the meeting, some trustees were still defending the decision to invite Justin Trudeau speak in the schools. Clearly, some trustees just don’t get it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The parents have obtained a first positive step in the right direction. With continued vigilance, we can build on this going forward.

We have the momentum in our favour and change is starting to happen. Let’s keep the heat on.

Word to the trustees: if anything goes wrong under this policy, we’ll be back for more changes. Count on it.

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