Parents: Boycott Hasbro

I’ve launched a boycott of Hasbro for their marketing of a pink Ouija board that targets girls as young as eight years old. The campaign has been successful against Toys R Us as they are phasing this product out. Fox News & many other online sources have ran stories which have triggered Hasbro to play ” peek a boo ” on their website site with this so called toy. They are waiting for the heat to die down & then it will be business as usual which happened back in 2008 when a boycott was threaten by Human Life International. This mainstreaming of the Occult must stop somewhere & this is where I draw the line. The 1973 movie The Exorcist was inspired by the diary of a Catholic Exorcist, it all started with a Ouija board. To view the story visit

Any help to end this madness would be appreciated; thanks.

– John Cain

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