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You guys may be aware that —  has been intimately involved in helping The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund (PRIEDF) get off the ground so it can provide financial assistance to parents whose inherent parental rights are violated by school board or government policies. You’re also aware that the first legal action in which PRIEDF is assisting, is that of Mr. Steve Tourloukis, a father of two elementary school children who has filed a legal action against the Hamilton-Wentworth Public School Board for refusing to give him advance notice of lessons on marriage and human sexuality which may contradict his religious beliefs as a Greek Orthodox Christian.

Donations coming into the legal defense fund have been slow despite the fact that — has been promoting it everywhere we go and that Mr. Tourloukis has had numerous media appearances to discuss his cause. In order to fundraise to finance his case, Tourloukis is embarking on church speaking tours wherever he is invited, in order to raise awareness of the deprivation of parental rights that he and so many Christian parents are facing across Ontario.

In the 2nd or 3rd week of November (precise dates to be determined), he will be going to Ottawa to speak at some Orthodox Churches. Those speaking engagements are being organized by Kathleen M. from the local PEACE chapter and Emily Wehbi, an anti-bill 13 activist in Ottawa whom I worked during the public consultation meetings for The “Accepting Schools Act”.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in getting his message out to a wider audience while he’s in Ottawa.

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  1. Dr. Tourloukis will be speaking on Saturday November 17 at 7:30 PM, Holy Trinity Hall, 58 Arthur Street (north off Somerset between Booth & Bronson).

  2. When a morbid act is allowed to be legalized by democratic citizens and governments, then The Human Rights Act of Canada transforms the morbid act to a Human Right and Social Justice that is used by secular adult Politicians, so-called Justices,Teachers Federations etc. to legally normalized this so-called legal unhealthy behavior to impressionable schoolchildren. Secularism claims to be neutral, but it enforces it’s own morality. This changes Canada’s justice system to a injustice system, where helpless children are legally proselytized,and good people who point out the health risks using verifiable scientific data from The Centers For Disease Control etc.of the dangers of adults indoctrinating innocent children into this , are coerced, bullied, or fired.
    We have argued our concern at many debates. Professor Tom Landers and friends provided the scientific verifiable data proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that indoctrinating impressionable children into morbidity is diabolical. The other side showed how vile they are,by hiding behind smoke screens.

    How many citizens seem to have forgotten 2005 when The Canadian Parliament did not raise the age of sex consent in September, and The Canadian Supreme Court legalized an activity most Canadians considered criminal just before Christmas as a present to the depraved. Consenting 14 year old’s were now considered adults making Canada a preferred legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles. The lobby group, North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has a slogan,”sex before eight or else it’s to late.” They love to get into legal clubs to recruit innocent schoolchildren. They want legal access to Canadian children by calling their exploitation, Children’s Rights. Citizens think before you legalize every perversion. These evil laws caused the majority of Canadians to politically unite from all faiths with agnostics too, as most Parents don’t want their children legally indoctrinated and exploited by adults who claim to be neutral.

    Enough political pressure was put on The Canadian Government that in 2008 a Traditional family Values Politician presented a Bill to Parliament to raise the age of sex consent, and it passed to become Law.
    This is how rotten Parliamentary ,and Supreme Court of Canada Law can be changed by righteous Canadian citizens, if they so desire. To many good teachers, citizens, and children along with their families, are legally permitted to be harmed by bad Federal and Provincial laws and policies. The Canadian citizens are politically responsible for this indoctrination of our youth. We are in a Culture War in a society that has gone stark raving mad. The Canadian people who politically united from 2005-2008 to conquer bad laws please don’t be A.W.O.L now.

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