Paper or Bricks: It’s the same damn thing

Did you catch this little nugget in Brean’s article in the National Post coverage about the Sockpuppet show? 

Maclean’s did not respond to the proposal yesterday, except to say it will be addressed by the editors in a future issue.

I suspect that since Maclean’s is going to be addressing the Sockpuppet’s proposal in a future issue, it will be showing them a raised backsided-fist with a certain finger prominently protruding and tilted slightly to the right.

If we lose this, we can kiss off freedom of speech and even private property in this country.

There is no substantial difference between what the CIC is doing here and what Islamic militants might do in demanding worship space at a local Christian Church in the near future.  There’s no difference except one involves paper and the other involves bricks….and sacrilege.

Blood will spill if the fascists are not pushed back now.  Your choice Canada. Choose wisely.

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