Mark Steyn takes on tough questions about radical Islam

Mark Steyn has been writing and giving a lot of interviews since the tragic Paris attacks. Much of what he says is bang on.

Radical Islam is not like any adversary that modern western nations have faced in the past. It transcends international borders, has a very long-term world view, and is merciless in pursuing it’s goals. Speeches and photo ops by Western leaders ain’t gonna amount to a hill of beans because there’s no real resolve to fix this problem.

As he says:

The west cannot win this thing with a schizophrenic strategy of targeting things and people but not targeting the ideology, of intervening ineffectually overseas and not intervening at all when it comes to the remorseless Islamization and self-segregation of large segments of their own countries. (Source).

Why on earth is President Hollande bombing targets in Syria, but ignoring the ‘no-go zones’ right in Paris and other European cities, where even the police can’t go because radical Muslims have taken over the neighbourhoods?

Many in the mainstream media have worked tirelessly to deny the existence of ‘no-go zones’. But the Belgian government just flashed a Death Star-sized spotlight on them by conceding that it doesn’t control parts of its national territory.

As it turns out, one of those rogue regions called Molenbeek has been linked to several terrorist plots in recent years. At least one of the Paris attackers came from there.

Remind me why Hollande isn’t directing his gaze to Belgium instead of Syria?  The mastermind behind the attacks was born in Belgium. One of the alleged conspirators actually worked for the immigration department. Gee, ya think he might have let other terrorists into the country? That’s how deeply they’ve infiltrated some European nations. I bet that some have infiltrated airport security, which allows them to blow up planes. This is like a horror movie.

But Hollande doesn’t want to touch that can of worms. It makes for a much more spectacular news story to rapidly bomb Syria than to deal with the reality that the enemy is already within the gates; that not all cultures and value systems are created equal; and that moral relativism is suicidal when faced with a confident and determined opponent who not only believes in right and wrong, but where a sufficient number are willing to kill those in the ‘wrong’.


There’s a new movie called Risen scheduled for release on February 19, 2016. It’s the story of the Resurrection viewed as a ‘manhunt’ through the eyes of a Roman Centurion named Clavius, who’s charged with finding the corpse of Jesus after the Resurrection to stifle the fervour of the first Christians.

Some are calling it the unofficial sequel to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Check out the trailer below.

Augustine College – Student for a Day

Greetings everyone,

I can’t seem to stop raving about Augustine College. Check this out:

1) Promotional Video

2) Doing without Wisdom

3) Student for a Day: See below for details. Come join us, but RSVP me at first!

Come! Join us and let’s start build up something beautiful for God!

Student-for-a-day takes place this Saturday November 14 at Augustine College. The College welcomes prospective students to attend this event to learn more about what the College offers its studentsacademically and socially.

Lunch and dinner are provided.

10 am Welcome from the President, Dr. John Patrick

10 am to 12 noon Four Scientists Who Gave Us a Tacitly Atheistic World
Lecture in the course Science, Medicine, & Faith
John Patrick

Noon to 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 to 3:30 pm The Gothic Cathedral
Lecture in the course Art in the Ancient World
Edward Tingley

5:30 to 7:00pm Community Dinner

Visitors are also welcome to arrange a visit to the College at another time convenient to them. The winter Student-for-a-Day is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2016 (during March Break in the Ottawa area).

Please forward this information to others who may be interested.

If you need to any further information, please let me know.

John Pacheco
Interim Administrator
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mail 163 Fifth Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 2M8, Canada |

Bishop of Hong Kong stands tall on homosexuality

Unfortunately, people are leveraging the Synod and the words of Pope Francis against this faithful bishop.

In view of this, the bishop of Hong Kong called on Catholics to cast their ballot in upcoming District Council elections taking into account candidates’ views on gay rights. [Gutsy but necessary move by the good bishop]

Reactions to Card Tong’s stance has tended to juxtapose his position to that of Pope Francis and the recently concluded Synod, emphasising the need to end discrimination against homosexuals and to highlight the pope’s greater “openness”. [We all know we this was coming, liberals using ambiguous statements to justify their whims]


Pro-abort Justin and Yogi Sophie At We Day

What is the Ottawa Catholic School Board thinking?

Need we recall that Trudeau banned all pro-lifers (and hence all faithful Catholics) from running for his party?

At some point this becomes borderline child abuse to have your kids indoctrinated into admiring the wrong. Any parent understands how hard it is to undo this damage.

At what point does the Church consider an exit strategy for Catholic education?

Pope Francis appoints well-known liberal bishop to major see of Brussels

Are we back doing this again?!?

As late as in 2014, says the French-speaking Belgian daily Le Vif, he was criticized for his lack of firmness and his tardy response with regard to priests who had been implied in sex abuse and reinstated. He also remained silent in June last year when the deacon of Wevelgem was accused of having euthanized a small dozen of patients at the Menin hospital. (Source)


In October last year he tried to assign to active parish duty a priest who had been convicted of molesting a teenage boy, declaring that he (the priest) deserved “a second chance”; only media outrage and the priest’s own request prompted the bishop to cancel the appointment. (Source)

and plenty of other problems:

  – Ordination of women is “negotiable”  (Source), although two years later he allegedly said that the Church is unable to ordain women (Source)

  – Support for unrepentant LGBTs who participate in pride parade (Source)

  – Celibacy should not be required for priests (Source)