5 thoughts on “Paedophiles are ‘ordinary members of society’ who need moral support

  1. Why is this site so gleeful about their dreadful god finding unbelievably cruel and unusual punishment for minor offenses that could get somebody suspended sentences, probation or fines in criminal courts?

    • Because that is what Jesus would want.

      On the other hand, they do protect their own. When another Catholic perv was arrested in Montreal, the church came out and said that he was not around children. (an outright lie) then a member of the congregation pointed out the this person ran the catechism classes!

      so to answer your question. If a Catholic does it, it’s not important. If a non catholic does it, they are going straight to Hell. Easy enough to remember…

      • SQ, I am sorry your misinformed about our religion. Let me clear things up for you. God deals more harshly with people who know the truth and disobey it. That’s especially true for Catholics.

        You really shouldn’t talk about things you know very little about. You will be held accountable for spreading falsehoods at the Judgement.

        • I am accountable only to me. You,sir, are free to believe in your myths.
          However, I would prefer that the police deal seriously with those of your “faith” that feel the need to be predators on little children. Oh, and also the ones that lie about it. Or as Dr. Phil calls them “the enablers”. The pervs could not continue to do their evil if it were not for these enablers.

          When you have cleaned up the cesspool that is your “faith”, then maybe you can tell other people how to live their lives.

  2. When you are accountable only to *you*, then that is the source of the problem. The pervs think the same thing. They think they can do whatever they want without any objective consequences. When people are accountable to themselves, you will find how very, very forgiving they can be to their transgressions…or rather, how very lenient they are with their excuses and rationalizations.

    The funny thing about people like *you*, SQ, is that you seem to think these sexual abuses happen in a vacuum. One day, they just magically appeared, completely, so you think, devoid of the sexual revolution which preceded them.

    Sexual abuse of children only becomes monstrous when sex still has meaning. When it’s entertainment, when it’s casual, when it’s “just for fun”, then you find the kind of atrocities that you see happen to read about in the news — usually of a disproportionately Catholic flavour for some strange reason. Of course, only Catholics are pervs, everyone else is pure as the white snow. Everyone knows that.

    So, you see, in so far as you are accountable only to *you*, and insofar as you believe that sex is essentially arbitrary and devoid of an objective meaning which is binding in all places and in all times as the Catholic Church teaches, *you* are as much part of the problem as the culture that gave birth to this culture of death and meaningless sex.

    Don’t hind behind legalism and labels. The Church is not a airproof, ziplock bag. It is affected by the culture and its perversions. How could it be anything else? Pervs and weak leaders exist within it…like this is news to you? If it’s like this in the Catholic Church, it’s 6 times worse outside of it. That’s what the stats say, but of course, the perverts who write the news like the BBC who are covering up their own sexual perverts or Andersen Cooper from CNN who is fending off getting a blow job on his New Year’s Eve show, just don’t make the same kind of headlines.

    But God is no respecter of persons (i.e. one rule for one person and another rule for another)…if someone did wrong, they’ll answer for it – Catholic or otherwise. And as the Good Books says, they “won’t get out, until they’ve paid every single cent”.

    Here’s some advice for you: don’t think that your stupid self-righteousness in condemning evil and blaming the Catholic Faith somehow exonerates you for your unbelief and mockery of God. It doesn’t. Don’t kid yourself that you have carte blanche, because you don’t.

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