Padre Pio to Paul VI on Humanae Vitae

…I know that Your heart suffers much these days on account of the happenings in the Church: for peace in the world, for the great needs of its peoples; but above all, for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the lofty teachings which You, assisted by the Holy Spirit and in the name of God, have given us. I offer Your Holiness my daily prayers and sufferings, the insignificant but sincere offering of the least of your sons, asking the Lord to comfort you with His grace to continue along the direct yet often burdensome wayin defense of those eternal truths which can never change with the times. In the name of my spiritual sons and of the “Praying Groups” I thank Your Holiness for the clear and decisive words You have spoken in the recent encyclical, “Humanae Vitae”, and I reaffirm my own faith and my unconditional obedience to Your inspired directives….

Shame on the Canadian Bishops.  Shame. Maximum Fault. Maximum Shame.

And still….no repentance or condemnation of that infernal document which was issued in their name.

Not one Canadian bishop has condemned it in clear and unambiguous language.  So it’s their legacy and it sticks on each one of them until they separate themselves from it.

2 thoughts on “Padre Pio to Paul VI on Humanae Vitae

  1. Really enjoy these posts. Yes, there’s a big pile of doo doo to clean up, but at least some people have started. And we don’t seem to be taking as much guff – i.e., we call these bishops out and stop stupidly giving our money to these people who mess around with sound doctrine. Time to sweep up the smashed glass and fixtures of our churches which the liturgical iconoclasts and the clever dissenters have scattered about. They had a fun time while it lasted. But I think their time is passing. Yeah!

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