10,000-12,000 brave the rain and the wind at the March for Life

My Family & Friends from Kingston….

Approaching the Hill…..

Our Lady of Canada….

Exodus out of the Culture of Death!!!!

Umbrellas Came Out But So Did 10,000-12,000!

Another Angle….

A Sea of Umbrellas

12-Year Old Lia Give Her Speech.

Check out LifeSite’s Coverage of her earlier in the year.

Video forthcoming….

Jamned right up close to the steps….

Beginning the March….

A Sea of Pro-Lifers from coast to coast….

Through the streets of Ottawa. Most bystanders were supportive….

Archbishop Brendan O’Brien of Kingston and Fr. Jim Tilley march for the unborn…

13 Catholic Bishops participated this year, a very hopeful sign!!!!

The Schools Came Out In Full Force Too!!!

Some Angry Pro-Abort Protestors.

This isn’t Carleton University Campus, kids. On the streets of Ottawa, we still have a right to speak and march.

Go back to your fascist institutes of “learning”. Don’t you have someone to muzzle?

40 Years Ago today….the unborn were betrayed..

Back on Parliament Hill, we celebrate with some music….

“We are family!….”

The Pacheco Girls….

David MacDonald whooping it up….

Yours Truly with John Henry Westen, editor of LifeSiteNews

Catcha later…we’ll be back next year…bigger and louder.

Video footage to follow shortly….

7 thoughts on “10,000-12,000 brave the rain and the wind at the March for Life

  1. AWESOME photos John ! I especially like the one of us soaked through !! I am so glad we could be there with our dear friends :o)

    50 years of accidental drowning 1950-2002: 53,882
    (facts about drowning in Canada, Canadian Red Cross)

    56 years of Road toll. Canadian death by motor vehicle accidents 1950-2006: 238,500
    (Canadian Vehicle traffic statistics 2006).

    88 years of Warfare
    Canadian deaths in Boer War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, Afghan War: Total 114,810

    36 years of Abortion
    Death of Canadian unborn 1970-2005: 2,840,674
    (Statistics of Canada 2005).

  3. Merci pour ces messages de précision! Répandons ce rapport!

    Que le bon Dieu ait pitié de ses enfants!

  4. I was on the hill this year. I am sure this made a difference in the eyes of God. The photos John are great thanks for posting them here; as I was morethan a little disappointed of the lack of secular media coverage
    Well done

  5. Amillion thanks for setting up these pictures of the 2009 MARCH FOR LlIFE IN OTTAWA

    This a very precious ministry. God Bless Marjorie

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