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  1. Perhaps someone may begin with evangelizing some Parish Priests.
    Of course as I said before in the new “modern” Church where its all about stepping back a few steps even more towards watered down Truth, with some calling it “simplicity” in Love and the Pope’s way of telling those stuffy Traditionalists to stop being so faithful to the Truth (an example would be to tell a young sweet reverant altar boy who had his hands pointed upward and clasped together in prayer “What’s wrong are your hands, stuck or glued together, in that position?”, or something to that effect . Sorry Holy Gather have you forgotten that God is still the True Highest Priest and maybe it would have been kind to be humble and instead encourage such reverence in the young who are practicing love of God FIRST . Sorry, forgot in the “New” Church, everyone either has their hands behind their back, or their arms and shoulders positioned over the back pew as if they were at a movie eating popcorn,l or they are leaning on the pew in front of them or as them or in the old protestant stance, lifting them up and bopping to the “Spirit” (actually body posture in Mass speaks volumes about one’s posture before Almighty God and how they “think” of Him is because hey its the “new “way. So yes, anything goes and does and Heaven Help someone point out that the same ones who at one time lamented about this and spoke themselves about their concerns regarding this have joined the pink and purple, and ugly green (not beautiful True Catholic green) parade and in their own words “drunk the kool-aid, probably because they want to “fit in” and be liked and construe that by mixing in a bit of this and a bit of that into their one-time practice of reverence and consistency they are being faithful. Really? one may ask faithful to what? It says you will know them by the fruit. These people who as I said once commented how the Professional Catholics had some thing at stake and so would not say a word or even followed the lead of watered down Catholicism, have ,themselves, joined the very same rank, only they call it something else or attempt to justify it. In other words when push came to shove and they were really tested on Who they really loved they were swayed with whatever was the recent mode, and which way the wind was blowing, even when it blew the wrong way.

    To witness compromise is always sad. Everyone is capable of it and what is even scarier is that when it is taking place the persons deceived often do not even see how they are compromising, or what is worse they do, but do not care. When one compromises the faith, the price is high and it will take some time to get back to where they even left off at the time the initial . Too many people want to take shortcuts, and that is what we are being served up these days or at the very least the lie that one can shortcut to God without doing the do things…beginning by being faithful to Purity in Faith and Morals.

    I just heard a Priest on Friday who has been bringing in his own version of Pope Francis’ modern teaching, make at least four references to the Sacraments as being “symbols”. Yes he made a point of repeating we are to look to the symbol of our Baptism for instance, as well as I said the other “symbols” of our Sacraments. Well it should be expected where we are alos told by Priests we are not to have any “expectations”, because that is wrong. So much for God’s Promises. In a world that contains people who “will” not or do not “want” to accept responsibility
    for their actions and sins and the ol’ principle of cause and effect, then or course their default is always “Well…shame on you for having expectation that certain leaders in Church for instance would be faithful to their vows before God above everybody and everything else . Sorry…cynisism may be the
    result of people who innocently thought they could expect some semblence of Catholic teaching when they attend a Catholic Mass. If you are not going to … before anybody and anything… be Faithful to God , and , instead care more about your own agenda, fitting in, being liked, and calling it being the new newest version of the very tired and worn lie of “luving and being “inclusive”, please leave and come back when you are truly serious about just what the !st Commandment says, and stop going on teaching the Mercy without repentance , which will lead to presumption of Mercy. As has been said what led ultimately to Vatican 11 and its “fruits” is diabolical pride which mere man and his fallen egotistical unrepentant slef is only to happy to embrace, calling it something, anything other than
    what it is .

    Also the practice of communal Confession instead of individual; or replacing rather, individual Confession is abhorrent, and it is happening in the “New” Church where Confession seems to be disappearing even from the Parishes where it was once held high as the great Sacrament that it is. People show up and there is no Preist or Priests for Confession, and also that being said, many of the peolple who need to make an Act of Confession before receiving the Holy Eucharist are receiving sacrilegiously, or being given Absolution without being aksed to make an Act of Contrition. One of the first signs a Parish community is going down hill is when few people are going to Confession, and or Confession is not availble to them to go to in the first place because the Priest is not available and instead says something about making a appointment with him instead. EXCUSE me Father , just why did you become a Priest if not to
    listen to peole in Confession and hopefully absolve them, and or advise them of what they need to do to please Almighty God and on their daily walk and so they can win Salvation.
    I forgot we are all Holy already according to some Priests, so i guess its o.k,,silly me we are all going to Heaven, already don’t you know,
    If some may think I am looking around in the Church I am not, I try to avoid these abuses, but they are so rampant, and so in your face, it is like they are boasting in their sheer and utter irreveerance, and it is more a challenge to try to remain silent and pray, especially concerning the bodies in front of you who are as I said all arms everywhere casual like, (ey the “new” way)all over the pews or elsewhere doing everything, (even eating and drinking at times, don’t you know cause some of them say they have low blood sugar and can’t go the whole hour they are called to fast , without their sugar hit…funny I never recall such health necessities when I was growing up and we ,even as children were quiet and reverent and did NOT eat, or drink, or play, or run around during Mass either , and guess what we even knew we were not supposed to receive Holy Jesus in HIs Most Blessed Eucharist if we had sinned according to that old Baltimore Catechism that is too stuffy and rigid and too full of simple dos and don’ts for the modern crowd)and with hands aiming anywhere except towards Him above and in a position of prayer asking His Mercy on us all and help us see Him as He Is and does He not deserve BETTER?

    This is the face of the Church that has cast all true reverence aside and does their own thing.

    Lord Have Mercy
    Sorry God ,
    Please forgive us for what we have done to Your Beautiful Face
    and Your Church and made it all about us

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