Outrage: Footage Shows Pro-Abort Students Shouting Down Pro-Life Presenter

Check out the whole sordid story here and here.  Par for the course these days from pro-abort fanatics who just don’t know or care about what free speech on a university campus is all about.  Opposing abortion is “hate speech”?  These people have lost all coherence.  Here was the best part of this whole fiasco, from the second article cited:

Calling the protesters “extremists,” Ruba insisted that they were by no means pro-choice but, in fact, pro-abortion.  At the end, he was approached by pro-choice students who regretted not being able to hear the full talk.  He said these students were “prevented from choosing to hear the presentation by so-called ‘pro-choice’ activists who really are pro-abortion because they don’t want discussion to happen.”

This is called “progress” on the abortion issue, folks: when some of the people you are trying to win over start to see just who they are associated with.  The totalitarian pro-abort fanatics are showing themselves up to be who they really are, and as a result, are losing the battle for “reproductive choice”.  Apparently, “choice” doesn’t mean allowing people to hear the other side of the story.


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