“Our partners and ourselves absolutely do not condone any of these things that are against the teaching of our Church”

Last year when the Catholic bishops finally started to do something about Development & Peace, I commented about the significance it would mean not only in cutting the support for abortion in the Global South, but also in transforming the very nature of this organization.  Invariably, secular NGOs, which represent vast majority of D&P’s clientele, are not only pro-abortion and “pro-reproductive rights”, they are pro-Marxist, pro-feminist, anti-Catholic, earth-worshipping extremists.  You might not have all of these fine qualities in play at once, but you will at least have one of them in play in each of D&P’s partners.   These beliefs are all part of the socialist mantra.  So if the Canadian bishops ban abortion and other anti-life advocacy as a prerequisite for receiving Catholic funds, it will severely cut down on the pool that Development & Peace can draw from in selecting its partners.

One of the constant themes discovered in our research into the abortion push in the Global South, for instance, is that in many cases, the groups in questions were decidedly Marxist in their social and economic orientation. Some more than others, but it was a common ideology running through Development & Peace’s pro-abort partners.  The support for Marxism by D&P is theologically based on their erroneous convictions regarding liberation theology. The significance of this cannot be underestimated since, as Development & Peace applies the bishops’ “exit strategy“ to the abortion groups, it invariably means that the Marxists (who are always pro-abort, by the way) also get their funding cut!  In other words, when Development & Peace wants to fund a group which meshes with their Marxist outlook, they won’t be able to do it in most cases because the group in question is also active in promoting abortion.  That’s just how the Marxists work.  Abortion is a big part of their platform. It always has been.  Therefore, no Catholic money can go to the Marxists because the Marxists are for abortionThe orientation and indeed the very essence of Development & Peace is in real danger of being completely transformed!  Why do you all suppose that the management of Development & Peace were so dead against admitting the facts?  Was it because they were for abortion?  Not really.  They tolerated it, yes, but that does not mean they were for it.  Rather, it was because they were for Marxism and the rest of the avante garde causes of today and they knew that if their critics were successful in making the pro-abort partner charges stick, the jig would be up since no respectable Catholic organization could go on financing abortion pimps.  Well, guess what?  The jig is finally up, and so is Development & Peace’s number.  (Source)

Most of the bishops and even pro-lifers who have been following this story really do not understand this important little factum.  People continue to believe, including the bishops, that all that will be required is some “checks and balances” to put the ship back on course.  I wish that were the case.  But the sad reality is that we didn’t get to this point without some serious moral errors in judgement and spiritual blindness on the part of both Development & Peace and the bishops of this country.  The reality is that the management of Development & Peace will not permit their organization to be redefined because to do so would betray their very foundation as an organization.   It’s almost inconceivable how Development & Peace is going to go forward. On the one hand, they can’t accept the restrictions that will be placed on them because that will effectively snuff out their whole ideology and mission.  On the other hand, they can’t go back to the good old social justice days because the evidence is out on their pro-abort partners. 

Or is it? 

Incredibly, despite the overwhelming evidence that has come from their own partners’ websites, interviews with spokespersons for their partners, credible third party reports about their partners, pictures, audio (You name it. We’ve got it all), Michael Casey still thinks that he can fool Catholics:

“…Casey said he understands people are frustrated when controversy keeps cropping up concerning groups and social justice networks that partner with Development and Peace. Catholics should remember that plans for closer scrutiny of partners, drawn up by Canadian bishops last fall, “are going to take time to implement,” Casey said. He said that because controversies often concerned third-party groups associated with Development and Peace partners, rather than the partners themselves, questions of how or whether a partner agency has violated Church teaching on abortion is not quite cut and dried.

Our partners and ourselves absolutely do not condone any of these things that are against the teaching of our Church,” said Casey. “Being tarred by association with other non-like-minded groups, is that necessarily grounds for annulling good work that is being done in other areas?”…” (Source)

It’s an incredible thing really that a Director of the Bishop’s official development and aid agency would say such an absurd thing in face of the mountain of incontrovertible evidence available – and that was only before the Fr. Arriaga scandal.  This is what Archbishop Prendergast said after confronting Fr. Arriaga about his group’s position on abortion: 

“Since the Centre’s support of groups in favour of abortion rights in Mexico is incompatible with the Church’s defence of the right to life from conception to natural death and the mission of Development and Peace, and in order to remove any doubt about this commitment, the speaking engagements of Fr. Arriaga have been cancelled.”  (Source)

If Mr. Casey doesn’t believe that D&P’s partners condone anything that is against the teaching of the Church, then why did the Archbishop declare the exact opposite and act on it?

I really don’t understand why this sham is allowed to go on. Why the lapdog press continues to provide cover for D&P. Why the bishops continue to stretch out the corrective action which should have been immediate. Why everyone is afraid of telling it like it is, instead of pussy footing around those in authority.  I just don’t get it.  Babies are going to die and are dying because of this.  And we’re all just stoned on social justice.

God have mercy on us.


2 thoughts on ““Our partners and ourselves absolutely do not condone any of these things that are against the teaching of our Church”

  1. There’s no point, Suzanne. If they don’t want to even admit the facts, that’s all we need to know. Where they actually stand on the question you raise theoretically is a moot point.

    It’s now all about the public relations war and looking good for the cameras.

    What the Catholic Church teaches is merely academic for the spin doctors.

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