Our Own Ordinariate

The fact that my own Bishop did not respond to our concerns about heresy being taught openly in the classroom, was probably the final straw,” said Mrs. Sinicrope.  “It felt like a punch to the gut.”

The Anglicans got an Ordinariate with their own bishops.  The SSPX might get one too.  My friends, if things keep going the way they are going, we might need to petition Rome for our own Ordinariate.  We’ll call it the “Just Catholics Who Want Bishops Who Will Defend The Faith And Grow A Pair”.

Being a Catholic today is becoming a private affair.

5 thoughts on “Our Own Ordinariate

  1. I’m not too optimistic either, Suzanne. Novus Ordo, Latin Rite, Faithful Catholics are just the whipping boys of these pathetic bishops.

    The consequence to us, of course, is that we have to retreat into a kind of “closet Catholicism” — if we want to keep sane. This is lethal for our Faith…but so is the instruction and lack of witness of our leaders. We’re in an impossible situation.

  2. When we worked to raise the age of sex consent in Canada in 2008, I was surprised to see so very many agnostics who were pro-family and life. Many of these were Catholics and Protestants who left the fellowship because it was taken over by phonies. These counterfeits use the edifices , the cross, the name of our lord and scripture to spread falsehoods. They have disgraced the Cross, the name of Jesus and the name Christian to almost a swear word. They claim to belong to Jesus, but which one?

    My friend Ed Hourigan is fighting cancer and he and Deirdre need our prayers. Ed has surprised the doctors and he has quite the wit. He is a retired coroner and can tell you stories about our justice system that will keep you awake at night. If Ed and Deirdre can have hope so should we, at least in each other. We can win this Culture War we find ourselves in if the pro-family citizens stick together. Rome used to write back to Professor Landers, but no-one else I know. Norm Harriot wrote the Pope in February and he is still waiting for a reply. When and if he gets one I’ll let you know.

  3. My daughter who is a teacher recently was interviewed for a teaching position with a local Catholic school board. Guess how many times the name of our Lord was mentioned during the interview? Grade three children in our so called Catholic schools are taught that what we call the Church is the “gathering place”. In my parish, with the Catholic school across the street, not one teacher attends mass. Parents of children attending so called Catholic schools believe by sending the children to a “Catholic” school they have relieved their responsibility to raise their children in the faith. I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the children and the all the rest of us would be off with no Catholic school system.

  4. We need thousands and thousands of parents like the Sinicopes! And the Copts who are threatening to pull out of the Catholic system as well! The emperor has no clothes, and it’s about time folks start saying so.

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