Our Lethal Weapon

The path towards restoration does not depend on our works, however well meaning or noble. If our efforts to restore some semblance of decency and morality to this country is to succeed, it must be first under girded by an internal conversion of each individual person. It is naive and an enormous waste of time to believe that what is essentially a spiritual problem can be overcome by a political solution or mere outward activism without the necessary internal transformation.

Believe me, I know of what I speak.

A car might look good on the outside, but inside the engine is a lemon. We might call something “marriage” – even have the legal documents to prove it – but, in reality, it’s not a marriage – only a mirage. Likewise, no builder will commence construction on a house without first laying the necessary foundation. And yet, we, in the social conservative movement think that all we need is the right packaging and jingles to sell our product. Even sound arguments will not win this war. They will not make our opponents see right reason because their blindness is a spiritual blindness, and a spiritual blindness cannot be overcome by reason alone.

And so, while activism and engagement are necessary and good, they are merely the finishing instruments. They cannot be the central weapon in the war. They are, to borrow from Baseball, the relief pitcher (“the closer”) who finishes the game in the final innings.

A few weeks ago on the Feast of the Annunciation, my parish initiated perpetual adoration. A small room, in our recently constructed addition to the parish, equipped with high tech security features including cameras and swipe cards has provided the parish community with a wonderful opportunity to worship God and petition Him for our restoration. For the non-Catholics out there, perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament refers to the silent worship of the consecrated host which is set within the monstrance (see left). The consecrated host, Catholics believe (Cf. John 6:35-59), is Jesus Christ Himself – body, blood, soul and divinity, veiled behind the form of a mere wafer.

Before being elected as Pope, Pius X once processed with the Eucharist through the streets of Milan to combat the athiestic, Masonic influences of his time. He realized something that we Catholics do not. When our own efforts fail us, we need to bring out our most lethal weapon in the culture war which is none other than Jesus Christ Himself in the flesh. Our great downfall is that we pin our hopes on our own rationality to win this war. That is a sure sign of defeat. What will win this war is faith and the perpetual adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. The more this devotion is spread, the more power God’s people will have to overthrow this culture of death.

Speaking for myself, I have enjoyed remarkable spiritual fruits by just spending one hour a week before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I encourage all Catholics to take advantage of this most beautiful gift and accept the great graces Jesus wishes to bestow on all who adore Him.

One thought on “Our Lethal Weapon

  1. I too John feel so blessed to have the desire and the opportunity to sit with the Lord. Its so nice to tune the world out and be still with the Lord. I wait for words of guidance and I always receive words of love.


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