Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Mantle That Defies Science

Do you know why, in spite of all the garbage in the Catholic Church, I remain Catholic? For one reason only: because the Catholic Church, in its solemn instruction and authentic witness, teaches the truth. That’s the bottom line. If people are Catholic for any other reason whatsoever, then they’re Catholic for the wrong reason. Period. Every so often, some phenomenon which science cannot explain confirms us in the truth. The image of Guadalupe is one such occurrence. If you’re a believer, I encourage you to read the article below and be edified. If you’re a skeptic, I encourage you to read this article and be challenged. I proclaim to you what I have always proclaimed my whole life: the Catholic Church teaches the truth.  She is the means of our Salvation.

The article below is just one example of the exceptional quality of the articles published by Love One Another Magazine. Although geared to a younger audience, this magazine is simply the best popular religious and cultural apologetics tool that I’ve ever seen for everyone.  It addresses all areas of human inquiry as it relates to salvation today: the central doctrinal truths of our Faith, solid devotional practices, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, euthanasia, invitro, porn, drug addictions, New Age, non-Christian religions, etc. etc. etc. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s $25 per year and it is published about 4 times a year. And each issue is pure gold. If you want to pass on a real gift this Christmas, give someone a subscription to this magazine and get one for yourself. In fact, if you’ve got the money, I would recommend buying all of the issues from its inception.

p.s. A certain bishop in western Canada banned this magazine from his diocese because its straightforward presentation on homosexuality (much of it personal experience by those who have lived the lifestyle) was not suited to his tastes. I suspect, dear reader, that this fact is all the endorsement of the magazine’s orthodoxy that you will need.

Buy it and support authentic Catholic ministries.

The origins and existence of Our Lady of Guadalupe are shrouded in great mystery. Given the years of scientific study devoted to the Image, it should now be clear to anyone with an open mind that it is the handiwork of God Himself.

Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos – Page 1

Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos – Page 2

Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos – Page 3

Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos – Page 4

  Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos – Page 5

Republished with permission of Love One Another magazine.

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