Our Deliquents Father – Part 2

Well, it looks like another USCCB  functionary has struck again.  You can read about the “oh-hum what’s the big deal” story here.  This only confirms my view that we have an epidemic in the episcopacy of delinquency and gross negligence.  This is the same reviewer who was just groovy with Broke Back Mountain:

Harry Forbes has for many years been the Director of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Office for Film and Broadcasting.  In 2005, LifeSiteNews.com pointed out that Forbes issued a glowingly positive review of the homosexual propaganda film “Brokeback Mountain”.  Yesterday, Forbes issued another positive review, this time for the film adaptation of the specifically anti-Catholic novel “The Golden Compass.”

Who is accountable for this man staying in his position?  Where does the buck stop? Who is responsible for this disgrace, if not the bishop who is responsible for this particular Office?  Why wasn’t Forbes removed immediately after his opinion on Broke Back Mountain?  I am sure if we were to phone up the USCCB and ask these questions, we would get the proverbial run-around.  Maybe nobody is in charge. I think I would prefer the USCCB to be merely incompetent instead of negligent, or even worse, pernicious.

The fact is that this kind of farce is precisely the reason why there is so little trust of the Bishops. If they themselves are not scandalizing us with their conduct and even teaching, they are permitting others to do it.   You know, there has to come a point when individual bishops publicly distance themselves from the declarations and opinions of the liberal functionaries at these national conferences.  For too long, the bishops have abdicated their responsibility to teach boldly in their own name on issues which are critical to the survival of our civilization. Instead, they have preferred the lowest common denominator of a common statement in the name of all the bishops. Big mistake.  If you are a solid, faithful bishop and you opt for the “national option”, you are being dragged down by the liberal milksop.  Time to break out, your Graces, and leave the liberals behind.

I think Jesus had it right when He said:

Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.  (Matthew 23:1-3)

If that does not describe the current situation in our church today, I don’t know what does, although, I think, an argument could be made that they don’t even preach what they are supposed to anymore.  At least the Pharisees preached. We don’t even get that.  And whenever the bishops actually do raise their hand to teach about something, it is often with a limp wrist and concerns secondary issues.

And before anyone gets hot and bothered about my less than flattering opinion of the bishops, perhaps we should all reflect on why the Holy Father decreed that priests may offer the holy sacrifice of the mass in Latin without the permission of the local bishop.  What does that tell you? I mean, if we were all one happy family, we would all be in agreement. The Holy Father would merely restate that priests could say the Latin mass with the approval of their local bishop (which was the rubric under John Paul II’s pontificate). The fact that the Holy Father expressly willed that a priest could bypass the local bishop tells you all that you need to know about the war in the Church today.

And what about us? We’re like the proverbial children of an alcoholic father. Putting on a brave face to the public while at home, all is not well.  Many of us are too timid or afraid, preferring “oh you mustn’t say that” to “it’s time for father to check himself in and get his life in order“.  For me, I’m finished with the smiles and slaps on the back.  From now on, it’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

When John Paul II visited Poland at the height of the cold war, he told his fellow countrymen that they should not cower under the threats and intimidation of the communists.  He told them to stop slithering on their bellies, to get up, and behave like men.  So too, therefore, should the bishops cast off this toxic liberalism, inject some testosterone, and reassert their fatherhood.

One thought on “Our Deliquents Father – Part 2

  1. John,
    So you’re “finished with the smiles and slaps on the back. From now on, it’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”
    You’re ready “to stop slithering on their bellies, to get up, and behave like men.”
    So what’s the new strategy associated with these remarks?

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