Our Clueless, Chattering Classes

A woman from Bridgewater, N.S., has been handed a life sentence with no parole eligibility for 20 years for strangling her only child after her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum. Penny Boudreau, 34, pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder in the death of 12-year-old Karissa Boudreau….The court heard that Boudreau’s boyfriend, Vernon Macumber, told her she had to choose between him and her daughter if she wanted to save their relationship….(Source)

We live in such a gutteral society.  One that is completely oblivious to its own deep perversion and hypocrisy.  No doubt the chattering feminist classes will be appalled by Ms. Boudreau’s conduct, and heap contempt on her boyfriend. And yet if we back this up a few years, the same scenario plays itself over and over again within the womb of a mother.  But then, of course, the same chattering classes are not interested in being appalled and disgusted over the death of a child then. Now, you see, it becomes all about “choices” and “rights”, and all of those nasty pressures women face to choose between her partner and the baby don’t really happen.  Because when it’s time to have an abortion, we all agree…it’s really for the best.

The above scenario is only a logical consequence of the abortion mentality, and it will continue to happen — just as the chattering classes will continue to look cluelessly around to find out just how we got here or where we are going.

One thought on “Our Clueless, Chattering Classes

  1. The life side wants to promote their values of life and love to the culture.

    The only values the liberal minded death side imposes on the baby come in the form of a knife, a vacuum or scalding chemicals.

    The values of death and violence to get what they want are thus promoted and imposed on our society through our universities.

    The liberal minded media ought to go into the abortion clinics and show the people the pictures of the piles of dead babies who are the victims of this culture war.

    Why do you suppose they don’t ?

    The “Religion” of Politically Correct Relativism and Darwinian Humanism in government, law, education and popular media in our culture has made Nazi’s of us all.

    The ones who don’t agree with this agenda get suspended from their employment , get fined or go to jail. Here I am talking about fine teachers like Dr.Chris Kempling etc. Have you seen the movie “EXPELLED”? We have become a society with no morality or justice.

    Humanism and Communism are both Godless social theories. That is why Humanist Canada gets along so well with Communist China now, and many of our nations jobs have also moved to China. Social Darwinism it is.

    That is why criminals,and those they employ get rich at the expense of their victims of crime and the victims suffer twice. They call this due process. The citizens pay the salaries and pensions of the judiciary, crown prosecutors and court workers.

    The judiciary make arbitrary laws based on Humanism instead of the sanctity of human life based on the ten commandments.

    We murder our babies by the millions for our convenience and call it abortion.

    Unless we as voting citizens of Canada decide to do something about our Godless culture nothing will change

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