Our Allegiance is to those who defend our brother and sisters in Christ — not to the Modern, Corrupt State

Our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in Iraq and the Middle East.  Innocent men, women and children are being  killed in the most heinous ways possible simply because they profess to be Christian.

We see the gruesome images.  We read about the grizzly reports.  The facts are there and they are not disputable.

We also know that this is being committed by Islamists.  They have started a jihad. They’ve been telling us this for decades, but  the media, the political class, and even the Ecclesiastical establishment in the Church engage in the most foolish self-deception into believing this is not a religious war.

As the saying goes, you might not be interested in Jihad, but Jihad is interested in you.

We keep hearing about calls for more dialogue from men who have very soft hands and even softer heads.  The politicians and religion brokers at the USCCB get to keep their heads even though they are buried in the sand, but the Iraqi Christians are not so fortunate.  Do these men really think they can sit around the table with representatives of ISIS and come to some kind mutual understanding?  Seriously?

It’s so ridiculous that the reaction of the West in insisting that this is not about religion is more suited to an episode of Monty Python than it is about the real world. And we all know why we don’t want this to be about religion, because then we have to talk about religion and get into the messy business of whose religion is true and whose religion is false.

We have to make nasty declarations like “Muhammad was a false prophet and Islam is a Christian heresy”.  In order to engage in a religious war, you have to talk religion and get into the uncomfortable business of religious claims.

But we in the West don’t want to expose the error of Islam because that would destroy the relativism which forms the basis of our claims that “all religions are the same”.  It would also shake our comfortable agnosticism, atheism, and Christianty-lite.

So, we won’t go there and evil will continue to advance because of it.  Agnosticism has no defense against those who profess to have the truth…even though they don’t have it.  A poker player who bluffs will always be able to beat the player who never calls him on it.

You see, folks, the Islamists – for all their barbarity – believe in something that they are willing to die for.  We, in the West, no longer believe in anything worth dying for. Have you ever wondered, for instance, why the leftists and socialists are always opposing any war, but are the biggest supporters of abortion?  It’s because they hate sacrifice.

Islam is offering plenty of sacrifice for their cause. And we are offering none…except the blood of our martyrs.

The martyrs of Iraq are a rebuke to us in the West. By their blood, they are witnessing to us that there is a truth, and His name is Jesus Christ.  They won’t renounce Him, even if it costs them their lives in the most painful manner.

How dare we water down their witness by participating in the pretense that all religions are equal, and making their sacrifices virtually worthless.  They died because they would not renounce the name of the Lord.  Are we so pathetic that we won’t come to their aid in their time of need?

Here’s a message for Obama, Harper, and all of the leaders of the Western nations:  our allegiance to our countries is not absolute. It is conditional on you holding up basic ideals which were formed by our Christian heritage.  One of them is to defend the weak and uphold our right to worship and even exist as Christians.  If you bail on these basic principles, the modern democratic state as we all know it will collapse…because we won’t die defending something that is a rotten empty shell, but we will die to defend our Christian brothers and sisters and follow those who call us to it.

We don’t want war.  We respect and love all humanity. We value the dignity of every human person.

But if it’s the Jihad they want, it’s a new Crusade and Lepanto that they’re going to get, and Islam will be suppressed – so that,  when it’s all said and done, its crazies are kept on a short leash reserved for the dogs.



3 thoughts on “Our Allegiance is to those who defend our brother and sisters in Christ — not to the Modern, Corrupt State

  1. I can’t believe anybody is proposing dialogue with ISIS. They’re way too radical. Even al Qaeda found them too extreme. The only “dialogue” that will stop ISID is the barrel of a rifle. Sad but true.

  2. Thank you so much for this John.
    I never thought I would say I am ashamed to live in Canada, but with the abortion ,same sex marriage and out and out defiance of aid to those in dire need , and all that is noble good and true,I am.
    How could I ever possibly attend Canada Day festivities when these thing are accepted ,tolerated ,and promoted and the horror of the suffering of the most innocent and the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is ignored. And…. again the silence is deafening when it comes to concrete action at the response of Canada while this slaughter is taking place and its silence or decided lack of con cret action.
    I find it very difficult to think of anything, as of late, then the horror our fellow Christians are enduring every moment, and also watching their children and loved ones be beheaded. I must also add,the other irony of all this is that we here in Ottawa, and other parts of Canada are allowing or are participating in the beheading of of children by the torturous means of the slaughter of children by means of abortion..

    Also .to note ,is that the Islamists are going to do exactly what they said years ago, and they are moving at a startling speed now and it is coming nearer and nearer to us , so the people who hiding their faces in the sand will no longer be able to. That is the seriousness of all this and it should keep people awake, thinking how and what we can do right now to help our brothers and sisters who it is now happening to in whatever means possible. It should cut deep into our very hearts and souls ,the suffering that they are enduring for their love of Christ, and also because they carry the name Christian. The fact that the mainstream media says little about this or minimizes or twists it, is abhorrent and not acceptable and we will pay a heavy cost when the time moves on, because of the attitude of laissez-faire that is taking place by many .
    Anyway I can help out with the rally I will do, just let me know if you need some work done that you know or help of any kind that I can do, I freely offer my service and even then it seems so little, in light of what they are going through. It tears at my heart and soul.

    God Bless, and thank you for helping organize this rally.

  3. To keep our brains working effectively, it is crucial in our Post Christian West to keep taking university courses for credit. This way one can understand modern pagan secularism,and the Western Educators(The Humanist Manifesto 1-1933,11-1973)etc.,who convinced our Christian and Western Society finally in 1962,to shed Christianity in Government, Law, and Education,in favor of so-called “neutral” Secularism.Hitler did the same with Hitler Youth from seven year olds onwards.” In his 1937 Mayday speech Adolph delightfully declared,”We have begun,above all with the youth.There are old idiots out of whom nothing can be made anymore. We take their children away from them. We bring them up to be a new kind of German.” The German people threw themselves with astonishing unity,dedication,enthusiasm and confidence behind their leader. Today Secular Canada’s Political leaders are Secular Moralists Stephen Harper,Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau who normalize perversion to innocent impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten on,as legalized so-called human rights.
    These consequences are a direct result of our societies Political indifference and apathy. If you will not protect Christians Politically and Legally here,then how will you protect them elsewhere,where they are being beheaded. Politically Canadian schoolteachers used to lead their students in The Lord’s Prayer every school morning,and The Ten Commandment’s were on Government,Court,School walls ,and in the majorities heats and minds. Now Canadian Secular Pagan Popular Media wants Mosques across The Canadian Prairie’s,as an insult to Christ and Christians.

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